Top Disney Movies Of All Time

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Going through a boring week? Feeling nostalgic about your childhood? Want to chill your mood? Then we have a solution for you. Go watch out all the following movies. These are Top Disney movies which will roll on your mind and light up your mood.

One of the best things about Disney movies is that, That movies make even adults fall for it.

15 Top Disney Movies

1. UP
This is the story of a wid old man who flies his house in search of paradise fall which is a dream of his wife. This amazing story by Disney will not fail you to entertain.
IMDb 8.2

2. Cinderella
Cinderella is an outstanding story of a girl who believes in fairy tales. She has a dream to attend the royal ball and meet grand lutein which she faces many problems.
IMDb 7.5

3. The lion king
This is a story of a king named Simba who is a king of jungle who struggles to get his throne back when his uncle kicks out him and murder his father. Even adults fall for this movies.
IMDb 8.5

4. Finding Nemo
It is a journey of clownfish to bring his son back home when he gets lost into the barrier reef. This is an interesting story which makes viewers glued to his seat.

5. Brave
It is a story of an archer who disobeys old custom. Ultimately story leads her to find her inner bravery.
IMDb 7.1

6. Tarzan
This is an animated movie of Tarzan. A man grown in the jungle with gorillas finds out he is a human. Story with the amazing screenplay.
IMDb 7.3

7. The little mermaid
The story of a sea witch who falls in love with a human prince. Due to the bad intentions of the sea witch creates troubles for the prince.
IMDb 7.6

8. Aladdin
This is a movie based on the eponymous tale of one thousand and one night.
IMDb 7.4

9. Frozen
Frozen is the highest-grossing Disney movie of all time. Story of the journey of a girl with her mates to find out her sister.
IMDb 7.5

10. Zootopia
Story of two mates to uncover the truth of 14 predators. This is one of the most loved movies by the audience. Stands on the eighth number of highest-grossing list of movies.
IMDb 8

11. Big hero 6
Robotic prodigy becomes friend with a boy named baymax in order to find out the reason for his brother’s death.
IMDb 7.3

12. The Incredibles
It is an American superhero film. Family undercover tries to live a good life and faces problems and is forced into action to save the world.
IMDb 8

13. Princess and the frog
It is a story of a young waitress with a frog Prince who is waiting to be a human.

14. Toy story
The cowboy toy found himself into difficulties when a spaceman figure supplants him as the top toy in the boy room.
IMDb 8.3

15. Tangled
The amazing story of a fantastic girl who has long hairs and has a dream to escape into the world but her protective mother doesn’t let her do so.

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