Top 10 Football Clubs in Europe Right Now

top football clubs in europe

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You saw the whole season, you were there for your club. But, what about the other clubs? how their strengthening will increase the competition for your club this upcoming season? Which will be the best among the top football clubs in Europe? From now on, every week we will update you the top 10 football clubs in Europe.

Top 10 Football Clubs in Europe Right Now

10. Atletico Madrid

top football clubs in europe

Atletico Madrid were second in the league and were out of the Copa del Rey as well as the Champions League. But it will be interesting to see how they will perform after the signings of Joao Felix and Felipe. Also, if the departure of Antoine Grizman will affect them badly as the Ronaldo’s did to their city rivals.

9. Borussia Dortmund

They lost the league, DFB pokal, and champions league. They still managed to get into this list before Atletico Madrid because of their performances. Recently they outperformed Liverpool in the pre-season game in the United States.

8. Tottenham Hotspur

Going into the next season as Champions League winners would have been a great dream, but the reality is different. Yet, they deserve all the praise for the campaign they had. Will Ndombele, the new signing be lucky for them?

They won the Audi Cup now, but the ranking will affect as the season grows.

7. Chelsea

Chelsea had an underappreciated season. Third, in the league, and champions of the Europa League, they were good under Sarri. Now lost both Eden Hazard to Real Madrid and Maurizio Sarri to Juventus, it will be interesting to see how the blue boys will play this 2019-20 season.

6. Juventus

Signed Ronaldo for Champions League and lost to the Ajax to get of out it, Juventus is now ready to go again this season. They now have signed Rabiot, Ramsey and the person who made the transfer window both equally exciting and boring, Matthis De Ligt. Let’s see how the team will play this season.

5. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich won the league and the DFB Pokal, but in not so Bayern manner. Had Borussia Dortmund not lose the points advantage, this list would have been different. The experience will always help in football, but now is the time the youth should step up. Will Bayern make a good impact on the Champions League this season?

4. Ajax

top football clubs in europe

What Ajax achieved the last season, they will want to repeat rather improve this time around. But the difficulty is they have lost two of their best players. How do you think the season will be for Ajax?

3. Barcelona

The image describes the season Barcelona had. Now as they have signed Antoine Grizman. After the Champions League and Copa Del Rey horror show, they only have the league to show off. Do you think Antoine Grizman and De Jong be the champions league hero Barcelona are looking for?

2. Liverpool

top football clubs in europe

They are the champions of Europe, that’s why they topped this list last time. But as this list will change week in week out, they are dropped to the second.

Liverpool had a great season despite not winning the league. They have world-class players, and of course as their fans say, Divock Origi. It’s a joke by the way.

The lack of signing indicates only one thing, the strength in the squad. Should Liverpool sign some big-name player? Will they be champions of England this season?

1. Manchester City

Man City won the domestic treble, and have the quality depth for every position. Missed out on the Champions League again, they played incredible football. Will they repeat the same again this year?

As Man City won the Community Shield, they come on top for this time. Even if Liverpool were better-performing side, Man City won without Aguero, Ederson and for the most part of the match, Sane.

There is very small difference between the top two teams at the time.

top football clubs in europe

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