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What's wrong with Social Media?

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What started with sixdegrees.com, is now getting some heat. The main motivation of social websites is now getting lost. Everything with social media is getting wrong, and what’s that? It’s not just about what Mr. Trump tweets and how people react.

When Facebook stipped of its students only culture and was made available to the public, I don’t think Mr. Zuckerburg would have thought what it’ll be in the future. Facebook was accused of selling private information of its users. We may not know if other social media sites are doing so or not.

It’s not the only thing wrong in the whole system. Apart from the data breach, there are numerous things which should worry any thoughtful person.

What’s Wrong With Social Media?

As I said earlier, your data is not your data anymore (not 100% but you know what I’m trying to say…). This is only one side.

The main moto of social media is to connect with people around the world. To showcase what you do and to appreciate what others are doing. Out of 100% of all social media activities, I guess only 15-16% activities are fulfilling the goal. Do comment if you have the exact number!

What rest activities are related to?


what's wrong with social media

Many people thought social media would bring different people and therefore different countries together. But, instead, it’s making racism grow rapidly.

Yes, people are becoming friends, you can check my Facebook, you’ll find a few Spanish and French people who are helpful. So, I am completely denying the importance of social media bringing people together.

But, if you see some tweets from some influential people, there’ll always be some racist replies. Let’s say, you are not from Manchester and support Manchester United or Manchester City. When you tweet regarding Lingard or Aguero, there’ll be one (at least!) racist reply.

Religious Arguments

what's wrong with social media

When you consider countries like India, which is secular. But if you see what’s trending on Twitter, you will always see people arguing on any topic would bring religion between the argument.

This does not only ignites the fume between the people but also gives the wrong message to the rest of the world. Because It is not always true what it seems on social sites.


You may have seen the ‘Bobs Vagene‘ memes. They were most popular in 2017. People shared the memes and grabbed the attention they wanted. But very few thought about the reason.

This thing brought one thing before all, what illiteracy and cheap internet can do. Not only Indians, but you will also find perverts from all over the world under a single tweet or Instagram post. This is an example of online sexual harassment.

So, instead of making people connected and helping them get new friends, this medium has become a tool to spread rumors, hatred, and racism. This is what wrong with social media.

This doesn’t mean in any way that using social media is only wrong. But careful use is necessary. Don’t forget the real intention, real purpose of social media.

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