Foodie! Are You Really?


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Do you think you are a foodie? but are you really?

Have you ever felt that there is something magic that mesmerizes you when you eat something delicious? or you are just an Instagram #foodblogger?

If you haven’t felt the magic then I feel pity for you. Okay, if you want to feel that magic then take out one day from your schedule and try your favorite dish in a restaurant.

Before you start eating, first observe the dishing done by the chef. Remember if you follow what I am saying properly, then I assure you that, while eating you will also have food orgasm (foodgasm) in your mind and will feel more satisfied.

Imagine what a hypnotizing situation, good food, and awesome atmosphere can create.


When you search the term ‘foodie’ on Google, it results in something like this – “a foodie is a person who has ardent or refined interest in food not because he is hungry but due to its refined taste and interest.”

You will exactly feel this if you are a foodie. According to me, a foodie is not a term, it’s a feeling. A wonderful feeling. When you’ll become a foodie you will try all the local restaurants near you. If you find a restaurant’s particular dish delicious then you’ll try every dish in there.

Foodie is not just barely about eating and tasting scrumptious food. Apart from that, you would love to take an interest in cooking and put your self-interest into making a master dish.

A foodie can tell you the numerous restaurants when you ask him/her to eat delicious food nearby.

It doesn’t take a lot to become a foodie as you can taste street food too. So let me tell you one thing. Good and delicious food is not about the place. You can get amazing food on the street for just under $10 rather than in a big restaurant for more than $25.

I bet you that while in the process of becoming one, you will feel the food different than before and you will enjoy your life more.

The best part of being a foodie is you will start taking interest in making food rather than just enjoying it. You will love to grasp the recipes of any of your favorite dishes and then you will try it yourself.

So, are you a Foodie?

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