5 Reasons Friendship Is Important

why friendship is important

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Everybody has a friend. Even if you are an idiot like me, you have friends. If you don’t, make one! Why we are saying this? Why friendship is important? Let’s see.

When you see your friend, what’s your first reaction? Smile? Hug? I don’t know about you but every time I see my best friend, I laugh. Why? to annoy him.

Friends are to annoy. [This can be my quote when I get famous. LoL.]

If you don’t have any friend in your life, your life is boring. Here are a few reasons, why you must have friends.

Why Friendship Is Important?

Reason 1 – Friends Make You Happy

why friendship is important

In our childhood, there were many reasons you wanted to go to school every day (of course after 1st or 2nd grade). But one of them was to meet your friends.

You never liked studying. Me Too. But we went to school anyway. We had friends in school, in our neighborhood, then we made friends in college, and some of us made girlfriends/boyfriends. Now, my car is going out of the lane.

The thing about friendship is, it makes you happy every single moment you are with your friends. Friends may not have a mansion, but they are rich in keeping you happy.

That’s why don’t lose your friends. Keep them in your life, and you’ll be the happiest person on the planet.

Reason 2 – They Are The Best Advisers

why friendship is important

There might be some things you cannot share with your family. You need to advise about your relationship which can be awkward to ask your parents (not all the time!). You can ask anything to your friends.

Every time you ask your friend for help, he/she has plenty of ideas. Your friends can suggest to you those things which you could never imagine.

I had a confidence problem while public speaking. My friend helped me with his ideas and now I can speak in front of the crowd of any strength. Believe me, your friends are your best advisers. (Except in legal things)

Reason 3 – They Will Always Listen To You (Friends Make You Feel Important)

The world will be laughing at you if you think differently. People even laughed at Elon Musk before he got successful.

Even if no one listens to you, there is always a person who does. Your friend. In my case, only one.

Nobody other than your friend will point out the mistake you are doing. That’s why friendship is very important.

Reason 4 – Friends Push You

What does it mean? push you? Well, push you means your friends will encourage you. And not only they will encourage you but they also will keep a watch on you until you do that thing.

If Bhairav had not pushed me to expand this site, you would not be reading this right now. SpiderPosts was always my dream and he saw it with me.

It’s our human tendency to wait for someone to motivate us. And that’s why you are following our Instagram page as well. But would you just start working seeing our images? You may or may not. You may just think for some time and then leave it.

But if you ask your friend that you want to do something, he/she’ll not be quiet until you do it. And this is another reason why friendship is important to you.

Reason 5 – Friends Improve The Quality Of Our Lives

Let’s be honest. How many times your friends laughed at you because of your attire? Back when I was in my First Year of Engineering, I looked like a kid. I still do but now I have a beard. Let it be. The thing is I now look more man than back then. The reason my friends is my friends.

Friends do not only change your attire, but they also change your way of living. Way of thinking and way of approaching the world.

They will motivate you when you are down, will encourage you when you think something’s not going to happen. Either way, they will improve your life. And this is why friendship is very important in our lives.

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