Should I Be a Gamer or a Sportsman now that Gamer Earns Better?

should i become a gamer

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On 28th July, Sunday, one gamer Kyle “Bugha” (In-Game name) Giersdorf won the first Fortnite world cup. He defeated extremely talented competitors and won $3 Million. Now you would think, should I become a gamer as well?

There are already plenty of articles suggesting why you should become a gamer? or why should you quit gaming? but almost no single article compares gaming and sports. In this article, we are going to see why you should become a gamer or a sportsman.

Should I become a gamer?

You play games on a daily basis. You may even win almost every game. But have you got it in you to be a professional gamer? let’s see.

If you are a millennial reading this, let me tell you one thing that you will agree with me. We think very progressively. We want success in no time.

The thing is, very few succeed. Why? Because they have patience and proper guidance. To become a gamer, you need both of these.

Now, coming to the point directly. Should I become a gamer? the question in the mind of numerous millennials.

Do you play Fortnite? PUBG? or Fifa? Yes? Then you must be aware of Esports. The industry is valued at almost a billion and the value is increasing daily. You need to know exactly what it takes to get an entry in the competition.

If you are pretty good at playing games, rather an expert, this is the one way to become a professional gamer earning money. Another thing you can do is to live stream your gameplay.

If you have extreme expertize then only you should become a professional gamer. People won’t watch your live stream if you are a noob playing on the easy difficulty.

should i become a gamer

Things To Remember Before Proceeding

  • Gaming can be addictive
  • You must have the ability to get adjusted in any situation (remember gaming is just a virtual reality)
  • Video games might help you improve your skills but you may forget your surroundings if get involved too much.
  • Think of the game as a game only.

Why You Should Become A Sportsman

Yes, gamers are getting money the same or even better than the sportspersons. But don’t only choose to become a gamer just because of money. Sports has money too. The thing that separates sports with gaming is the physicality, strategic planning, listening to others, and deep thinking. Whereas for gaming you need, quick thinking, complete concentration on the screen.

So, should I become a gamer? Yes, you should be. But don’t be just for money. Think twice or thrice and then decide. The choice is yours.

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