What is Article 370? Facts You Must Know Before Tweeting

what is article 370

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Update: Article 370 to be scrapped! Says Union Home Minister of India Amit Shaha. So, What is Article 370?

Once in awhile, #Article370 trends on Twitter. People bash each other using abusive language, but a few of the arguments are quite to the point. Now, most people may not know what it actually is and they tweet in support of it or oppose it.

Here, we are explaining what is it and some facts you may not be aware of.

What is Article 370 Exactly?

Article 370 is an article under part 21 of the Indian constitution. The complete part 21 is created for temporary and special provisions.

The article 370 gives special autonomous status to the state Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). This gives the temporary provision of autonomy to J&K. There is another article which states the special provisions to the states Maharashtra, Nagaland, etc.

The difference is the state Jammu and Kashmir has the autonomous provision which is temporary. And the other states have special provision. So, there is a difference.

Important Facts

  • Since partition, the article is applicable and was created to make J&K self-governance. This is done because India and Pakistan fight for the state and thus the state may feel disconnected to both countries.
  • This allows the State Government to have its own constitution with some parts to be taken care of by the central government. (Example: defense, foreign affairs, finance, and communication)
  • This cannot be removed by the precedential notification.

Now, let us know why you think the article should get canceled or stay?

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