#MumbaiRains: See These Trending Memes On Twitter


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#MumbaiRains again! We must be serious about the help people need. Here’s how people are sharing their frustration using memes.

When you ask Autovallahs to take you to CST during #MumbaiRains – The Joker ( Why So Serious?)

Uber’s collection during Mumbai Rains- The Joker Strikes Again.

Another Twitter user Shivali Chopra says -Just a rainy day in Bombay

Prachi says -JW Marriot charges rs.442 for 2 bananas
Uber, auto wallas, taxi drivers in Mumbai today. This comes after one actor complained about the Banana Charges in JW Marriot Hotel

Sakshi says- Indians: Mumbaikars don’t have any problem during monsoons. They enjoy it. Le Mumbaikars: 😛 😛
Do people say this?

Lastly, this one from Kuptaan (Whoever he/she is)

Is this College campus better than those shown in Karan Johar’s movies?

You may have a laugh seeing these memes. But think deeply. Why people created these memes? The answer is already in your head. This is both nature and people’s fault.

Also, stay safe and if possible please lend your hand to help people in need.

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