Jurgen Klopp’s 5 Leadership Lessons You Need In Your Business

Jurgen Klopp

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You all have your own club. You all bash each other or even players and managers of other teams. But there is one person in the football world nobody hates. Jurgen Klopp. And if you own a business whether it as small-scaled or you have released IPO, there’s always a scope to learn.

What Jurgen Klopp has in him which makes him one of the most respectable persons in football, are his fine leadership qualities.

Now, you already know that every business needs a proper leader to take it new heights. And learning from the other leaders is the first step to be that proper leader. Here are the 5 lessons you should learn from the European Champions’ leader Jurgen Klopp. So, why is Jurgen Klopp a good leader?

5 Leadership Lessons From Jurgen Klopp


Wherever he goes, Klopp shows a 100% commitment. When he was at Mainz 5 he committed to promoting the team to Bundesliga. And he delivered. Same at Dortmund, and now at Liverpool.

He played for Mainz 5 before being manager, but never worked less for other two clubs. That’s what you need to understand as a leader in your business. You have to commit and deliver in any condition. Jurgen committed a trophy in four years at Liverpool and he has now.

If you commit, you have to deliver. If you don’t, you don’t have to. But if you do the first thing, 100% of people under you will get inspire and work more willingly.

Connect With Your Team

Jurgen Klopp was on a mission at Liverpool. Rather he still is. In his first year itself, he said his biggest goal was to change doubters into the believers. Not only the fans were delighted to hear that, but the players got motivated and played their hearts out.

And now after four years, he has achieved his goal partially if not whole.

What you can learn from this is to create your team if you don’t have the right one. But until you get what you want, make 100% of whatever you have right now. Keep them motivated. Connect with your teammates on a personal level.

Prepare Your Employees To Be The Next Big Ones

Trent Alexander Arnold. A 20-year-old kid. Created one of the best strategic moments in Football. Was this a lucky moment? Yes, but he did think at the moment what many legends couldn’t have.

What Jurgen Klopp did to Trent is he formed the clay into art. He gave him a chance when he was 19. He took a risk which succeeds.

You clearly need this in your business. Treat your employee as you treat family. Share your experience with your team. Make them do what you couldn’t. This will benefit both the parties.

Accept Vulnerabilities

Accept your vulnerabilities and try to reduce them. This quality makes Jurgen Klopp a quality leader and loved by all players.

If you accept what you lack and thank the person pointing it out, he or she will happily work for you when you ask. Otherwise, it will affect both you and your business.

Positivity and Taking Responsibility

Jurgen Klopp never blames an individual for the loss. He takes responsibility and stays positive for the next match. He brings is positivity into his team and that’s what makes him a good leader.

This thing is most important as this will affect your business in a positive manner.

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