76 Blog Post Ideas Your Audience Will Love (Any Niche)

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It’s very hard to find blog post ideas whether you are writing right now or planning your article. For most of the experienced bloggers as well it is not easy.

If you have picked your niche and started your blog, you will face this problem very often. And if you are planning to start one, you may want to read these 33 Blog Ideas That Will Get You Traffic In No Time.

Now, coming to our point, let us concentrate on the list of 76 blog post ideas which you can use for your blog irrespective of your niche.

76 Blog Post Ideas

  1. List article
  2. Why You started your blog
  3. Share your success or failure
  4. Interview Someone in your niche or any successful entrepreneur
  5. Review a book ( Almost every niche has at least one book written on it)
  6. Make a guide/ How-To article
  7. Post Infographics
  8. Post behind the scenes of your blog
  9. Write challenges you faced/ are facing every day
  10. Criticize a blog or a person
  11. Share some popular memes
  12. Review Products
  13. Share the best photos in your niche
  14. FAQs
  15. Share your recent activity
  16. Tips and Tricks
  17. Update old posts (Recycle)
  18. Predict the future of your niche
  19. One article comprising of quotes
  20. Giveaway
  21. Tools You use (Writing, Video making tools, etc)
  22. podcast and write
  23. Your own theory about any topic
  24. News
  25. Answer the Questions
  26. Presentations
  27. Your thoughts about your niche on a particular day
  28. Point out problems / Give Solutions
  29. Secret Stories
  30. Inspirational
  31. About Events
  32. Viral Stories
  33. Videos
  34. Freebies
  35. Poll and Surveys
  36. Infographics
  37. Trends
  38. Cheap Deals
  39. On this day ( Tell about Your Old Post)
  40. Opinion post
  41. Case Study
  42. Share your favorite blogs/bloggers in a single post
  43. Invite readers to submit a guest post
  44. Publish best comments your blog has received
  45. Fun fact
  46. Bust a Myth
  47. Promote your social media profiles
  48. Funny experience you had
  49. Write a post asking people to share their favorite posts
  50. Share expert’s views on your blog
  51. Share resources
  52. Article series
  53. seasonal post
  54. Tell your origin story
  55. Contests
  56. Discuss any one of the current affairs
  57. Post a lie
  58. How you market your blog
  59. Your future plan
  60. Advise
  61. Lessons you have learned in your blogging career
  62. Controversial article
  63. Video Post about your day
  64. Offer free help
  65. Publish your research on one topic
  66. Your mistakes
  67. Ideas
  68. Your monthly budget of blog and earnings
  69. guest blog
  70. What If
  71. Online Courses
  72. Legal things about blogging
  73. List of interesting influencers in your niche
  74. A-Z post
  75. Shoutout to your fans
  76. Best apps in your niche

List article

You will find 7/10 articles trending as listicles. ‘Top X things you need to do’, ‘Best things to do in the Netherlands’, and more such. Even this article is a listicle. There are more chances your article will go viral if it is a list.

Why You started your blog

A decent idea if you are not getting any idea. If your blog is focused on one niche then this idea will definitely work for you.

Share your success or failure

People are always interested in reading someone’s life story. You can share yours it will feel much closer to the reader than reading big names’.

Interview Someone in your niche or any successful entrepreneur

Have you read this: Women In Tech Movement Is Bigger Than Ever – Techgirl.nl? This is an example of an interview. Not only this will get you tons of traffic, but also help you build relations with other bloggers and link building. Also, you will gain valuable knowledge.

Review a book

Almost every niche has at least one book written on it. And people search for book reviews all the time. Write one now.

Make a guide/ How-To article

No need to explain!

Post Infographics

Infographics are the graphics having information. Most people won’t read the complete article. If you post infographics, you will get much higher on-page time.

Post behind the scenes of your blog

An idea if you have a dedicated audience.

Write challenges you faced/ are facing every day

This idea is similar to a success story. Just this doesn’t involve your decisions of overcoming the challenges.

Criticize a blog or a person

Criticize doesn’t mean, thrash anybody. Just write some negative points about some person or blog which you feel wrong. You need deep study before writing this type of article.

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