3 Simplest Ways You Can Increase Your Confidence and Speak

how to speak with confidence

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4th Standard. Last day of School. Everyone laughed at me. Most of my friends as well. Reason? I was trembling while speaking. I didn’t have any confidence and as I was only 9, there was no way I could find any “how to speak with confidence” article.

Don’t ask me why I was speaking in front of the child crowd. The thing I realized that day is being a smart kid in the class does not matter in real-world. Rather how you present yourself to the world matters the most.

Thank god I realized it at a very early age. Now I can speak in front of many people [Experience: In Engineering]. I am now telling you the 3 ways I increased my confidence and so WILL you!

How To Speak With The Confidence

Number 1: Learn From The Best

You may find it weird (or maybe not!), I learned how to speak confidently by watching TV. Yes, TV. Most importantly, by watching politicians’ speaking. One of them was Atal Bihari Vajpeyi, former Indian Prime Minister.

Well, of course, I was not that sane to listen to their speaking keeping in mind something. I liked their speaking and the way they speak.

how to speak with audience

The things which I learned and tried to copy while speaking with others are: taking a pause while speaking [Not Unnecessary], Using hand gestures, and listening to others and taking some points from their speech.

Using Hand Gestures

Hand gestures will automatically show your confidence to the listener before you. Just remember one thing, do not use hand gestures unnecessary!

Listening and Taking Other’s Points

Do Not Ask Questions! It may help you get content to speak but will show a lack of confidence if not done properly. Instead, listen to what others say and take some points in your mind. Speak in reference to it.

Number 2: Smile

Most of you may have smiled reading the word. Well, even if not, you must smile while speaking. What this will do is your audience will feel you are speaking genuinely and will show eagerness to listen.

This will boost your confidence and your speech/conversation will get better and better.

how to speak with confidence

I smile a lot while speaking. Not because I am always energetic, but it marks a positive impression on the person you are speaking with. He/She will open up and will talk with you more.

And if you are giving a speech, smiling will make people stay interested in listening to what you are speaking.

Number 3: Use Humor

Everyone has some style. I use humor while speaking. It makes me feel comfortable to speak as well as the listener feels the same way. If you speak seriously every time, there are very few chances the opposite person will open up. One more advantage is your humor can get you a date.

how to speak with confidence

Let’s not forget every conversation is not funnier. Some subjects need seriousness while discussing. And it also depends where you are speaking.

These are the 3 ways you can boost your confidence. If you follow these 3 ways, I’m sure you won’t need to search how to speak with confidence again!

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