Celebrity Photographers accused of Misbehavior by models | #MeToo


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Hashtag MeToo(#metoo) is now coming to the photographers.

Two celebrity photographers, victoria’s secret photographers Marcus Hyde, and New York-based Turkish photographer Timur Emek are accused of predatory behavior by several models.

The famous Instagram account Diet Prada posted the screenshots of direct messages between the models and the photographers and the stories of the models who came out.

Who are Marcus Hyde and Timur Emek?

Marcus Hyde has shot for the celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, and Childish Gambino. And for Timur Emek, he is the photographer of victoria’s secret.

What are the accusations?

Many models have come out against both the photographers, and have posted Instagram stories and pictures. All of them are shockingly disgusting and many people including some celebrities have now come forward to support these women.

Haley Bowman, production designer has said she was once abused by Emek when she was 19. After taking some photographs, Emek pulled down her shirt and placed her hand forcefully onto his thing.

Emek also offered model Julia Francina to help her in the industry in exchange of “some fun”. When she asked what kind of fun? He wrote back, “I am a man…think about it”.

Another incident shared by model Megan Moore prooves women are not safe. She had her private parts groped and Emek tried to pull her on top of him.

Marcus Hyde, asked model Sunnaya for the nude photographs in return of free photoshoot. When she refused, he asked her for 2000 USD. That explains how the mentality of these men is.

What Now?

Both the accused photographers have made their Instagram accounts private. Many celebrities have shown support to these women. But the thing is is this enough?

Are women really safe?

Every once and a while we see some news brakes in and the hashtag MeToo (#MeToo) gets viral. While it is great to see women come out against the bad things, but those things must get stopped. This needs to end now. When women will become safe, the world will be a better place.

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