Chandrayaan 2: 9 Interesting Facts You Must Know!

Chandrayaan 2

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ISRO launched its second successful mission Chandrayaan 2 after Chadrayaan 1. For the very first time, more people were excited about the launch than ever had. This time, more than around 100k+ tweets per hour were on Twitter. Now, let us see why the Chandrayaan 2 is popular among the Indians.

1. This mission was supposed to carry out with help of Russia but they delayed the project and finally denied so ISRO did all the work on its own.

2. Successful landing on the moon would make India fourth country after USA, USSAR, and china as a soft landing on the moon.

3. Orbitor structure was manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited in 2015.

4. Name of the lander is kept as Vikram and for the rover it is Pragyan.

5. Chadrayaan weight is 2379 kg which is 5245 lb.

6. Rover will work in orbit of 500m from the moon.

7. Lander (Vikram) will land on the moon and will collect information for 14 days.

8. It will be 23 days in earth orbit and then five orbit raising maneuvers will be performed to put it away from earth’s gravitational pull.

9. The main objectives of this Chandrayaan 2 mission are:
▪To find out water on the moon.
▪Map lunar surface for the evolution of the moon.
▪To study Topology, mineralogy, abundance.

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Image: ISRO