Writing Tips For Bloggers: How To Write More But Perfect Articles

writing tips

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You wrote an article. You published it. Now what? Yes, you shared that article. How much time did it take? A lot. Like eternity. No, I assumed too much. You wrote 1 article and you needed too much time for that. So, what you need to up your work and write more articles? Here are some writing tips for you.

The tips which I am going to tell you will speed up your writing and make it perfect. This is a writing cycle which we follow at the SpiderPosts, and that is why we are progressing pretty fast.

Writing Tips

Find Idea

writing tips

Sometimes, we have a unique(we think it is!) idea in our mind. And when we sit to pen the actual content, we forget what we were going to write. Yes, it happens with you, with me, with everyone. Now, just see what top blogger do.

So, where do you find your idea? Newspaper? YouTube? Blogs? Keywords Planners? Well, wherever you do, just note down it on your notebook at that exact moment.

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Whether it is a physical notebook or a smartphone app just do it. If you have a bunch of people writing on your website, then use apps like Google Keep or Evernote. This will help you discuss the topic with all the authors.


Now, take out your notes and write down. Write down whatever comes to your mind. Write everything you can. Do not hit publish right away.

When you write, imagine the situation you are describing through your writing. This will give you more and more content ideas. Now, one of the most important writing tips, editing.


Completed writing. Now what? Edit, edit, and edit. Edit your content at least one time. Look what’s wrong in it and what’s not. You may find a few mistakes. Rather this article may contain some mistakes. But editing it will remove most of them if not all.

You have heard, practice makes a man perfect. What makes the author perfect is editing. Edit your content as many times as possible. When you will get satisfied reading your own content, publish it for your actual readers.

writing tips


After completing both the steps, you can publish the article. Edit again if you like. Almost 24 articles are published per second at least. So you need to make sure that your article will not get lost in the crowd.

The step you must do before publishing is SEO. Optimize your content for the search engines and only then post the article. Then after you publish your post, make sure you complete the must-do things like sharing the post on social media.


Repeat this cycle for your every post. Find the best idea, write it down. When you take out your time writing, write down the article. Edit the article as many times as you can. At last, hit publish.

These writing tips, rather writing cycle will increase your writing and make it as perfect as possible. Sometimes, we may get ideas from books, articles, and we forget them in no time. Here is How To Remember What You Read | 7 Simplest Ways.

Writers, comment below what methods you use!

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