5 Ways Overthinking Is Killing You and How To Stop It Now


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What overthinking is? It is a situation of your mind when you think too much about a thing.

Many times people come across some situation or some kind of problems that lead them to think about them. Why should I do that?, Am I responsible for that? Such kind of questions which have no answers but they just put yourself into a mental maze.

Overthinking stops your mental and physical growth. More like it puts you into a cage.

What Overthinking Does To Your Mind?


Depression is a mood disorder. It interferes with your daily activities because it results in sadness or anger. More than 400 million people around the world suffer from depression.

In the process of overthinking mind starts to divert towards the negative things in life and it may lead to depression. Depression has its own side effects on mental and physical health.


The experience of depression defers person by person. It may lower your productivity, influence your health condition, and can even affect your sex life.

It is hard to realize if you are suffering from depression or not as feeling low can be natural in life sometimes. But if you are feeling the same every day then it is depression. Overthinking plants it inside you.

To stop being depressed, you need to do these things.

  • Stop Overthinking
  • Meditation
  • Psychotherapy
  • Exercise
  • Stop Drinking Alchohol

Productivity Loss

By overthinking you lose your concentration and lose your focus on your daily activities. Even you make mistakes while doing any regular work which you are doing for ages. This process automatically leads to productivity loss.

This productivity loss may give you more headache regarding the non-completion of your work and why it is taking so much time and all. And that will make your work less than before. As a result, you will get demotivated and the train will continue.

What you can do to fulfill your time and loss, is to stop overthinking and start working. Don’t think too much about the consequences rather use your experience or a guide.

Creates More problems


Overthinking never gives any solution. It just focuses on the new problem created by your own thinking process. Negative aspect towards things gives you more problems, these problems lead again to overthinking and this loop continues for as long as don’t stop thinking and relax.

Instead of finding a solution to the previous problem, your mind finds a new problem, rather creates one. And it may again lead to health problems like depression.

Overthinking never brings any good solution, rather it needs a solution. We waste our precious time doing so. We forget to focus on our daily routine and if you are a responsible family member then it affects heavily to the atmosphere in your home.

Mental exhaustion

In overthinking your brain slows downs its normal activities and it leads to mental fatigue. It affects your daily routine and you will lose interest and it affects your happy family time.

As fatigue is related to the brain more than the body, you will feel more tired than ever. Because of overthinking, you can not concentrate on either your work or family. You mix things a lot.

Physical pain

Our whole thinking process is related to the brain. Positive and negative thinking releases respective signals in our brain. Positive thinking leads to happiness and negative thinking leads to negative effects on our body.

Also, you may harm yourself or someone else.

How can we stop Overthinking?

1. Ask someone about your problem who have gone through all these hectics that you are facing right now.
2. Share your problem to someone who us close to you. Sharing will give relief to your mind.
3. Do some exercise for at least 30 mins.
4. Take healthy diets in. Avoid some fat food.
5. Read some book on mental health.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment.

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