Interview Tips: Top 9 Basic But Important Interview Etiquette Tips

Interview Etiquette

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Nobody loves an interview. Well, most of us don’t. But if you have the interview, you need to know how to sell yourself. Even if you are an experienced professional, you must know the basic interview etiquette tips.

Some basic things you need to know before attending the interview are what to wear, what to research, and more such things. We will write a detailed article on the tasks to do before the interview.

Now, we are going to discuss the basic etiquette tips which are most important before, during, and after the interview and you just can not ignore them.

Interview Etiquette (Before the Interview)


Yes, research. Research everything about the job profile and the company. Everything includes the interview questions previously asked, work environment, history and the present works of the company.

Also, you should know the name of the interviewer as if the receptionist asks you can tell him/her. It’s not must, but can be useful to know.

Dress To Impress

interview etiquette

Even if your potential employers have a casual dress policy, you should wear formals. As the interview is the only chance for you to impress the interviewer in person.

Do not think too much about this part just wear your best formal clothes. Remember, you have to make a good impression. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend too much of your time deciding what to wear.


There are several questions which are always asked. Such as Behavioral Interview Questions. So be prepared with these questions along with the job profile-specific questions.

You can use old techniques like practicing the questions before the mirror. Or you can just imagine the scenario while rehearsing.

Interview Etiquette (During the Interview)

Handshake and Smile

Smile is the best attire you can wear– one of my friends captioned her Instagram photo. And she’s right. A smile can play a big part in landing your job. This is my personal experience.

While greeting your interviewer and answering the questions, smile. But don’t make it look like unnatural. Also, how you shake hands can say much about your personality.

Shake hand firmly, confidently, and not for too long. And smile while doing it.

interview etiquette

Greet Your Interviewer By His/Her Surname

Most of us greet the interviewer by the name. It may not be unprofessional, but if you greet him/her by Mr. (Surname)/Ms.(Surname), it would give more respect to the interviewer.

This will help you stand out of the crowd.

Answering The Questions

Be honest, Be confident, Be Yourself. Do not fake your answers. If you don’t know the answer, tell him/her politely. Look at the interviewer in the eyes and answer the questions. Do not look elsewhere.

Do not hesitate to ask what you didn’t understand. When I gave the interview for the systems engineer job, I turned the interview into a conversation. Everytime I did not understand the question or know the answer, I asked him what it is. This made the interview more interesting for him.

Body Language

Remember your table manners your parents taught you. Do not put your hands on the table in a weird manner. Rather do not put at all.

Good manners will put you ahead of many candidates for sure.

Interview Etiquette (Ending the Interview)

Ask The Questions

At the last, the interviewer may say, “Do you want to ask anything?”. You must ask a question which he/she will feel interesting to answer.

There are some basic questions you will find on many websites such as ‘how is the work culture here‘, ‘what do you think I should improve‘, and more.

But, if you ask a different question than others, you may impress the interviewer.

Proper Thank You

After the interview ends, you must say thank you to the interviewer. You can send a thank-you note. Thank the interviewer for his/her time.


These basic interview etiquette tips are extremely common, yet many candidates do not consider them important. Practice all these tips before going to an actual interview. And yes, do tell us in the comments how your interview went!

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