How to explain global warming In Very Simple Words

how to explain global warming

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It is really hard to explain what global warming is. Especially to someone who has not a single clue about what happening around him in the environment due to some of his silly habits.

Even educated people who knew everything about the repercussion of their habits but still they continue to do their act irrespective of what will be the result of it.

But still, we can do our best to explain such things to the people around us.

“Climate change has become one of the taboo topics — like sex, politics, religion — that doesn’t get talked about at the Thanksgiving table,” says Anthony Leiserowitz

We do the following things in a better way.

1. First of all, we should try a hostile conversation with them.

2. While having conversation don’t state your points on them forcefully.

3. Try to have a good discussion answering their question that leads to mind soothing solution.

4. Please don’t turn into a debate. Remember debate never gives us any solution.

5. State them the importance of environment stating their values, not yours.

6. Tell them the effects of climate change that will bring changes to their lives and their future generations.

This is how you can explain what is global warming to the people who don’t have any idea about it.

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Source: Bhairav Khadke on Quora