How To Remember What You Read | 7 Simplest Ways

how to remember what you read

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I know you read a lot! I also know some of you have forgotten what you read last week. Rather what you read in the last book. Most of us tend to forget what we read in a short time. And this is why we Google ‘How To Remember What We Read‘. The same case was with me a few years back. What I did, let me share it with you.

How To Remember What You Read

First of all, understand that this is a different article than the most common articles on Google. Why? because I won’t tell you to read with a purpose. It’s your choice what you read. Too much talk right? So let us get to our main moto and learn How To Remember What You Read!

How To Remember What You Read
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7 Ways to Remember Everything For a Long Time

  • Read What You Love
  • Imagine Every Incident/Story While Reading
  • Note Down Some Important Points
  • Search What Other People Think About The Book/Article
  • Stay Focused
  • Discuss With Friends
  • Apply What You Have Learned From Reading

Read What You Love

Everyone has a choice. Reading is a choice. And I’m sure you have an amazing choice. Now, what I want to say is you know what you love to read. You, let’s say love to read fiction. So read it.

Don’t read anything you don’t like. Well, explore new categories. But if you don’t like them, move on. Because John is reading a Cloud Computing book, doesn’t mean you have to read that.

The ultimate dream in life is to be able to do what you love and learn something from it.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
how to remember what you read

Imagine Every Incident/Story While Reading

The heading is self-explanatory. As you are reading the book or the article, imagine what you are reading. Just relate what the author is saying with the things in your daily life. Think the Jordon in the book is you. Of course, if it is not a crime book!

Imagine every given incident in pictures. Imagine the story is happening before your eyes. This will make your brain remember the article/book for a great time.

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Note Down Some Important Points

Note down every important point from the book. Every single one. What you learned from the book, what you liked about it, what you didn’t. Everything.

I know it is not possible to write everything, but you can at least note down a few things. Such as some quotes from the book you liked. Or a paragraph. You can either write it down on the notebook (which I recommend) or Evernote. Evernote will synchronize it across all your platforms.

This will help you remember the book easily. If you write the summary on the notebook it will be more helpful.

Search What Other People Think About The Book/Article

Before reading any book, read what others think about it. Even after reading, do it. Be a part of the community so that you will know what are some books you have missed.

Also, when you search for the book reviews, you will know in advance whether the book will be up to your expectations or not. And, one more advantage is you will get some new friends.

how to remember what you read

Stay Focused

To remember what you read, you must stay focused! While reading, you must only focus on the book and yourself. That doesn’t mean ignore your surroundings.

You should put your phone away from you while reading. Never operate it at the time of reading. If you are reading on your phone, don’t use social media for the time you are reading. I am not saying read for 2 hours or 3 hours, just focus on the book or article while reading.

Discuss With Friends

You gossip all the time. You discuss how you loved Camila Cabello’s new song. Or how much you don’t like that girl living in the opposite building. I am not saying stop that, but you can discuss more the books.

Make some new friends, follow people who interested in the same category of books as you are. Discuss with them. Ask them what they liked about the new book by Allen Gannett or what they didn’t.

This way, you will remember more what you read because of you engaged with the people on that content.

Finally, we would like you to tell what tactics you use to remember what you read for a long time. Let us know in the comments. Also, you can DM us on Instagram if you think of something we should write.

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