19 important Behavioral Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

behavioral interview questions

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There are at least 3 interview rounds for any job. One of them is the HR round. The managerial round if there is, focus on your quick response and perspective. Sometimes, there can be a combined interview round. But the thing which remains constant in any interview process is the common behavioral questions.

These behavioral interview questions are asked to understand how the candidate handled past situations. So the hiring team can understand whether the candidate is good enough for the specific job title.

Here, we are bringing you the list of 19 most common behavioral interview questions and a piece of advice on how should you answer them. Let’s get started.

Most Common Behavioral Interview Questions

  1. Tell me about yourself (Most common Question generally asked freshers)
  2. Did you work with the teammate who had a different personality than the most?
  3. Have you worked with an angry customer? How did you handle him/her?
  4. Was there any project in which you had any conflict or fight with any teammate?
  5. As we do mistakes almost every day in our lives, you may have done one in your last profession. If you did, how did you correct it?
  6. Was there a project which changed in the middle? how did you handle it?
  7. Tell me what is your biggest strength which you applied to solve a problem.
  8. There can be a situation where you don’t like somebody personally. How do you manage to get out of that situation?
  9. How do you handle a challenge?
  10. Have you made any risky decision? Why? and how you made it deserving.
  11. You ever postponed any decision? If so, why?
  12. How did you handle multiple projects?
  13. How do you handle the pressure?
  14. When there is a situation like you have a personal issue, what is your method to keep it far from your job?
  15. Tell me about your first job. What did you learn? How you got developed later on?
  16. Tell me if you have failed previously. What you learned from the failure and how you handled it?
  17. What was the challenge where you had to completely revamped your strategy of doing your job?
  18. How you managed meeting the tight deadline?
  19. What you do when you disagree with your supervisor?

How Should You Answer These Questions

Now as you have read the questions, you may be already thinking about how should I answer these questions. Read on to understand.

Prepare Before You Go

Review these questions before you go to the interview. This will help you to control your thoughts and focus on the appropriate answers at the time.

Take You Time For Thinking

You don’t need to answer the exact second the interviewer completes his question. Take a little time, think about the situations you have had, and then answer. This will give you a good amount of time to give a good answer.

Think Positive

Focus more on positives than on negative situations you have had faced. When the interviewer asks you a question, think more positive about the situation related to the question and then answer.

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