Budget 2019 in a Flash

Budget 2019

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There are plenty of tweets per day on India’s Union Budget for the year 2019 for the past few days. Most of the tweets criticizing the budget 2019 you can see. What the budget really offers and what are the things you use will get costlier or affordable we have brought for you.

Before approaching what the budget offers, let us see what people and politicians have tweeted.

Here’s another tweet.

This is what the Prime Minister said.

Views of the former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

What opposition said.

Union Budget 2019: Highlights

  • Tax for the companies whose turnover is in between 250cr to 400cr has been reduced to 25% from 30%.
  • Adhar card and pan card are now made interchangeable so we can use Adhar card in case of pan card.
  • It is not necessary for NRIs to stay in India for 180 days for Adhaar card.
  • One Tv channel will be introduced for and network sharing for startups.
  • Cess on fuel has been increased by 1 Rs on both petrol and Diesel. However, import duty on gold and precious items has also been increased.
  • 1.5 lakhs tax relief on home loan for houses up to 45 lakhs.
  • 400cr input for higher education institutions in India.
  • There is no special focus on environmental factors. Tax relief on loans for EVs. GST rate on EVs also reduced to 5% from 12%.
  • Customs duty on the mobile phone has increased and duty on mobile phone parts has been doubled from 7.5 to 15%.
  • Imported books will become costlier.

The Things which will get Cheaper

  • 1.EV
  • 2.EV components 
  • 3. Set-top box
  • 4. Import of equipment.

The Things which will get Costlier

  • 1. Petrol and Diesel
  • 2. Gold
  • 3. CCTV cameras.
  • 4. Fully imported cars
  • 5. Optical Fiber
  • 6. Metal fittings
  • 7. Auto parts
  • 8. Loudspeakers

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