What is AMOLED Display

What is AMOLED Display

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If you have to choose a smartphone, you will see its specifications. Nowadays it has become normal that most people say the phone must have an AMOLED display. But what is AMOLED display is exactly.

AMOLED or Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode is a display technology used in mobile phones, smart watched and also TVs.  In this type of display, organic electroluminescent material and active matrix technology are used to address the pixels.

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AMOLED consists of an active matrix of OLED pixels. Which on passing the electricity to it generate light which is controlled by TFT or Thin Film Transistor which performs as a series of switches by controlling the current through each individual pixel.

This display also provides a high refresh rate and faster responses also by consuming less battery. But the battery life significantly depends upon what color is used. So it consumes less (0.3 Watts) power when it is showing white text on a black background. And more (0.7 watts) when it is showing black text on the white background.

As Samsung made it hugely popular, this is how they explain it. If you have any question about this display, comment below.

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