Climate Change: Is The Nightmare Becoming a Harsh Reality?

climate change

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Have you noticed that the world has started to experience the worst climate change in this decade? Maybe you are still busy in your own schedule and you don’t have time for even thinking?

In this summer most cities around the world are facing an unbearable heat wave. This climate change did not come into our lives suddenly as the scientists were warning us about this situation long before.

Most people still don’t care about this. They do sit comfortably before their TV in their AC room which is also contributing to earth rising temperature. There is still time to take some actions as we speak about climate change every day. Here are some of the notable things about the climate nightmare this year in India itself.

Chennai water crisis

India’s water crisis is now becoming a severe problem. Even groundwater resources are also dried to complete zero. This is a meteorological problem but has occurred due to the government’s mismanagement and people’s useless behavior.

climate change
Photo by James Frid from Pexels

This climate change has shown some changes before happening directly. Actually, these changes were predicted by many reports but the governments were unwilling to divert their efforts from corrupt political handling to some serious natural problems.

As water reservoirs directly have gone zero, newspapers started stretching this line into there respective media. Even at this moment, the government in a position saying that this issue has been exaggerated and not willing to put their efforts into it.

Delhi air pollution

Capital of India, Delhi has the worst AQI (Air Quality Index) in recent months. And because of this issue, even schools and colleges were closed for 2 days. Safe Air Quality Index is in between 51-100 but Delhi had it above 500 back in Nov 2018. This is a really critical issue as the reports say, this may kill around 1.2 million people in India.

Image by analogicus from Pixabay

Various natural sources are now getting polluted due to the direct human interference with them and these factors are contributing directly to the hazardous environmental changes. Actually, excluding some environmental NGOs, nobody is interested in preserving our mother earth.

We wont have society if we destroy the environment.

Margaret Mead

In this year, Paris has reached record high temperature which leads its leaders to think about the sources which are making the condition worse. Climate change is really a serious issue and is leading us to our end. With showing us some signs in the atmosphere but if we are still not able to focus our attention on these issues then we can say that “2012” is near!

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