7 Reasons Your Blog Is Not Getting Any Traffic

blog is not getting any traffic

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Yes, Blogging is fun. More so if you are getting tons of traffic, readers as well as shares. And the lack of traffic would make you frustrate a little bit. You will wonder what you are doing wrong. What you must do so that people will love what you write, you will get more amount of traffic and social shares.

So, what is wrong with your blog?

Why Your Blog Is Not Getting Any Traffic? Because of these 7 Reasons

  • You have just started
  • You are not waiting for long enough / not writing frequently
  • Your content is not good enough
  • Your headlines suck
  • Poor SEO
  • Not doing promotion
  • You are not focused

You have just started

blog is not getting any traffic

So, you have just started your blog and you think a miracle to happen. It can’t happen. Not really. You have to do everything yourself so that you’ll get traffic.

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Read this? Now you need to implement this in your life. You have to be patient because blogging is not a one-night miracle. Be patient and write.

You are not waiting for long enough / not writing frequently

You have written one post and you want people to rush towards that article immediately. But wait….just wait for a little bit and you will get some views. You just have to write constantly. Write frequently so that your writing will improve and you will write one article which will get popular.

Your content is not good enough

Sometimes, your problem is your content. You may write from your heart but people may find it boring or even irrelevant. The thing you can do is listen to what your audience is saying. Whether directly, through comments or even tweets.

Create valuable content, use your own style. Use images, subheadings, short paragraphs, and infographics if you can. This will improve your chances of getting a decent amount of traffic as more people will read your content.

Your headlines suck

You have written excellent and unique content. You have used humor and done all SEO. Still, nobody’s visiting your content. Then, sir/ma’am, you have a problem with your headline.

Your SEO Sucks

If you have optimized your blog for search engines, then only your content will get rank. Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization as early as possible as it is extremely important.

Not Promoting Your Content

Just writing and doing SEO is not enough. To stand out from the crowd you have to promote your own content. You have to treat your blog as a business and promote it. If you are not using social media to share your articles then you are using a wide audience. Common sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

You are not focused

Lastly the important one of all. If you are not focused on your content, your market/niche then you may not get traffic as expected.

So, in summary, these are the 7 common reasons for your blog not getting any traffic. You must read each and do what has been suggested. Keep using these strategies and your blog will get tons of page views.

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