Best smartphones under 20000 rupees in India

best smartphones under 20000

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Here are 3 of the best smartphones under 20000 in India right now.

Samsung Galaxy M40

best smartphones under 20000
  • Pros:
    • Display
    • Processor
    • Wide angle camera
    • 4k Video
    • Good Battery Life
  • Cons:
    • 4K video recording but no stabilization
    • Heats up very quickly while gaming
    • Hybrid SIM card slot
    • Low light camera performance

OPPO F11 Pro

f11 pro
  • Pros:
    • It has great design
    • No notch display because of the pop-up camera.
    • Excellent processor (Helio P70).
    • Good camera setup.
    • Good Battery life along with decent fast charging.
  • Cons;
    • Micro-USB, Even Samsung’s entry-level smartphones support USB-C
    • No 4K Video Recording Support
    • The competition provides faster processors in their phones
    • Little Bit Heavy

Samsung Galaxy A50

  • Pros:
    • Great Display
    • Solid performance
    • in-display Fingerprint reader
    • Decent camera in good light condition
  • Cons:
    • Low light camera performance
    • Night Mode
    • Spammy Notifications and bloatware (reduced but still present)
    • Slow finger reader

Under 20000 there are number of phones to choose from. These are our best 3 smartphones under 20000 for you.

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