Uncloud: What does it mean to uncloud in Cloud Computing?


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The meaning of uncloud or de-cloud is the removal of applications and their data from the cloud. But let us first understand why users or organizations want to uncloud.

Most of the companies now use cloud computing to run their applications. Whether they are small-scaled business or a large one. However, if they are expanding their local storage, or want to change the cloud deployment, they may migrate the application.

What Is Cloud Computing ? Definition, Types, Uses

Some of the times the cloud user like any organization may want to change the vendor or just remove their cloud applications. At that time the term ‘uncloud’ comes in the picture.

The process of removing user applications and data is done by either the user itself or the vendor. The process is searching the application data and mapping the dependencies within the infrastructure.

If the user has applications in Public cloud, he/she may have to wait for the vendor for their downtime as it will not affect the cloud. Or the vendor might reduce the access control of the user with respect to the migration tool.

Reasons to uncloud

Users give reasons like high cost or security issues. Difficulties while integrating the cloud-based applications with the local enterprise application can also be a reason to uncloud.

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