33 Blog Ideas That Will Get You Traffic In No Time

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Sometimes as a blogger we do think what should we write that will get us more traffic. Back when we started our blog, we had some topics in our mind and those were not enough to make enough traffic. So we researched some blog ideas and made our blog a multi-topic.

So, here are 33 of those ideas which will make your blog go viral. And you will get much more traffic than now. The list includes the titles as well as how they are ideal to blog about.

Blog Ideas to make more traffic

Travel Experience

traveling blog ideas

First of all, you can write about the experience of your latest traveling. You may write as “How to travel on a budget” or “What to look for when you’re traveling across the world”. Also, many bloggers just focus on writing their personal traveling experiences. Some share what should be and what should not be done while going to any particular place.

How to

how to blog ideas

How to’s can be an excellent choice to blog about. Millions of people search over the internet about anything and how to do that thing. Search what people are searching and write a blog post about it. This post is itself actually about how to find traffic-generating blog ideas.

Fashion and Lifestyle

The fashion industry is progressing very fast. Also, everyone loves fashion. This is why you can start a fashion blog if you really love this and make it big. The thing is you will face tough competition from already established big names and some blogs who get starts every day.

Programming Tutorials

programming blog ideas

Every programmer needs internet. And by internet, I mean StackOverflow, Quora, and many blogs. Programming is a never-ending thing. You cannot say you know particular programming language as it gets updated every year or so. That is why we need tutorials.

Every programmer whether he/she is a newbie or an experienced one, search for basic things. Therefore programming tutorials helps them to get to know more about the programming. So, by building something new using the knowledge you have or just sharing, you may get a lot of traffic. So, this can be an amazing choice for your blog.

Also, there are some other options in tutorials such as gaming. You may even want to focus on only one thing like web development.

Self-Improvement / Personal Development

self improvement blog ideas

Blogs like “The world needs what only you have”, “How to be happy, stay happy“, and similar to these are the examples of self-improvement blog.

So many people search every day about life, about lifestyle. Either personal development or lifestyle blogging can be a good option if you have answers to those questions people are searching for. You can write blog posts like “16 books to read these holidays.”

Health post


Around 300 million people around the world have depression. Many people are struggling to get the proper care. Most people search about the diseases online and do not get 100% correct information. Happiness, fitness, productivity is directly or indirectly related to health.

So, health is a topic on which you should write a blog. There are very few blogs available on this topic. This directly means you can have a large audience given that you write proper information. Health is a very interesting topic to write about.


Interviews. Many people give interviews every day. Of course, they need some guidance before facing an interview. Not everyone searches “How to sit before the interviewer” and all. Many people want answers to questions like “what is an interpreter?”.

So, you have to write about everything about the interviews from sitting to answering. You can focus on one niche as programming interviews and write on it or any general one.


Story writing is one more popular blog idea. People love to read stories. Whether the stories are yours or anyone’s, you can share them on your blog. Rather you can write your own stories and hit publish. I’m confident that your blog will get multiple views in less time.

How to write

You are reading this article and you may find some grammatical mistakes. Yes, you will find. But instead of just ignoring the mistakes, you can write your own blog post about the mistakes. “7 common mistakes every blogger does while writing” can be your headline.

So many writers whether they are inexperienced or new old ones, make mistakes. Bloggers like me who are not native English speakers too make such mistakes. We do read a lot about writing. This means, you clearly have marketed for this type of articles. And who knows, I would be your first reader.

How to start/grow/monetize/market blog

There are few experts such as Niel Patel, Brian Dean who are writing about how to market the blog. They provide complete guidance about SEO, Ads, marketing, Video making, and more. You can write about your story about how you grew your blog. You can also write about social media advantages.

Case Study

Case study directly relates to the real-life scenario. You can write about any organization which used some method to grew up and narrate that method. An example would be “How X used Pinterest to grow their page views by 327%”. Case studies attract more readers. People want to learn from other successful people. You may even write about failures. Give it a try.

Language Learning

People love to learn a new language. Take my own example. Bonjour! The thing is, the ratio of langue teachers to students is low. You can grab this opportunity and make money out of it. Start your blog dedicated to language learning or make a category in existed blog. This is a popular niche to blog about.

Product Review

A huge amount of people love to see what others think about the product before buying it. That is why there are numerous tech reviewers on YouTube. Rather now very few are honest. If you have knowledge about some things, you can use it to start reviewing products.


As you can see, this article is a list. The list of 33 blog ideas. The more amount of listicles you write, the more traffic you’ll get. People read more list articles or infographics than just a text. Write some listicles as “11 ways you can become famous doing nothing, 7th is not a joke”. And people will click.


Food blogs are always popular. You can have more than 3 recipes for every meal. If you have an extreme interest in food, start your own food blog and YouTube channel. This is always a trending topic.


Everyone needs self-defense learning. Because the world is getting dangerous day by day. Writing about self-defense will not just get you traffic but also build your brand.


There are some blogs about dating and sexuality but very few are popular. Also, most of these blogs are in English. So you have more readers in your native languages. You will get a lot of traffic for this topic because at least 60% of the young ones will search about dating guides regularly. Sexuality is also a thing which is searched online and should get good answers. Thus, this can be your topic.



There are very few sports blogs. Like OneFootball and Sportskeeda. Most of the newspapers have online categories of sports online. You can start a new sports blog covering single sports or multiple sports. You are guaranteed of getting the traffic.

Technology (Cloud Computing, AI, Machine Learning, Gadgets, and more)

Tech blogs are not rare anymore. But let’s hear the truth. Most of the blogs just cover the product reviews and most of them mobile reviews. There are a negligible number of blogs covering AI or Cloud Computing. The one you are reading is the one and my second favorite is TechRepublic. You can start a similar blog.


entrepreneurship blog ideas

Start-up stories are extremely popular all over the world. Many youngsters want to be an entrepreneur but not all can be. But when they have start-up ghost in them, they read a lot about entrepreneurs and their success stories.

You can use this to help your blog get recognition. Write many start-up stories and in a beautiful way. Don’t just write about success. Share what types of failures people face when they start something new. People need inspiration and you need traffic. Everyone will be happy.


diy blog ideas

Do it yourself guides can also be one popular choice. You may have seen Pinterest. Most of the pins which get searched are about DIY. So, it has scope for blogging.

Advise (Marriage, Parenting, Friendship)

advise blog ideas

Relationship blogs can be of a number of types. Parenting, Marriage, Friendship are some of them. You may share your views on marriage system, friendships.

You can advise people about parenting, how to stay things calm. This topic is not much popular in writers but has much potential for traffic.


There are very few numbers of blogs which tells everything about Liquor in any country or all over the world. If you are a wine lover or whiskey lover or any liquor you love, you can start this type of blog. As you will face very little competition, you will get tons of traffic in little time.


If you are a digital marketer, you MUST have a blog. And if you are not, well you can start one if you are interested. People search too much about marketing stuff. If you have enough knowledge to help people, start the blog already!


You may want to start a photography blog if you are a decent photographer. Even if you are a newbie, you may start the blog sharing your journey, or whatever you are learning week in week out.

Video Making/ Movie Reviews

You may search for movie reviews before going to the movies. Same applies to me. So, if you are a movie fanatic and watch too many movies and that too when they come out, this niche is for you.

Book Reviews/ Blog reviews

Sometimes you may have come across some websites who post book reviews. Rather you need those site before purchasing a book. Even blogs get reviewed. You may want to start the blog review or book review blog. And you can start by reviewing our blog so no need to find an idea for your first post. Or you can even write blog ideas.

How to be self-employed

You are self-employed. You want to share with the world what it takes to be a successful freelancer/self-employed. Why not start a blog on this topic? Or even a YouTube channel.


As a successful musician, singer, songwriter, you can start a blog explaining the things you know about the music industry. You may even a diary as a blog. People are interested to see the daily life of an artist.

Life Hacks/Skills

There are some blogs which are popular for teaching people some life hacks. One of them is LifeHacker, which you may have already be familiar with. This is one easier yet little bit hard niche for you as you need to promote your content extremely high.


Education niche is very vast. You may start a blog covering the education system of one grade, an education system of one country or even something different.

Event Management

There are tons of blogs selling blog planners. Some of them offer free. You may want to cash-in selling some event planners. Then this niche is for you. Also, you can write on how to manage a particular event guide.

Helping People

If helping people is your nature, write down some articles on it. Search what people need help for and write it on your blog. You will get traffic and also the satisfaction of helping. This is one of the best blog ideas.

Finally, These are the 33 blog ideas which are guaranteed to get traffic. In the end, just tell us what type of blog you have or also if you would start. Write on any of the topic mentioned above, as a result, you will get tons of traffic.

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