What is Information Technology: Easiest Explanation

what is information technology

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To understand what is information technology (IT), let us first understand what actually is information. The information is just like regular data which you see like charts, tables, and more. What makes information different is the conveying of particular things.

The information does provide the usefulness of the data by arranging it or structuring. Example: The data could be the list of marks obtained by the students and information is the average marks of the class.

what is information technology

Definition of Information Technology

According to Wikipedia, “Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data, or information, often in the context of a business or other enterprise.”

In easy words, Information Technology is the technology revolves around the information. The meaning is Information Technology is an operation related to the information and which is done with the help of computer devices. The operations can be development, use, and maintenance of the computer systems, networks, and network.

In other words, IT can be defined as anything related to technology. Whether it be computers, mobile devices, networks, storage devices, scanners, printers and what not.

what is information technology
what is IT


IT involves numerous things. An IT company would be the most appropriate example here. And It jobs. All the IT jobs are related to the IT terms as keeping systems updated, keeping them secure. To maintaining the developed software.

Also, the jobs are directly related to the information. Maintaining the database, programming, managing the data. Also, managing the data in any form like text, image. Internet along with cloud computing has become an integral part of the IT. As the Internet and Cloud Computing involves the transfer of the data, they are related to IT.

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