How to Install WordPress on localhost using wampserver

install wordpress on localhost

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Want to start your own site using WordPress? want people to know about your business online? Working with WordPress is easy for testing your site on your PC before going live. Here is what you are looking for! the first step to start: install WordPress on localhost. 

Note: If you want to start the blog as early as possible then you don’t have to install WordPress on localhost server. Instead, do it on the web hosting provider.

We may also call the process of installing as setting up a local server. By using WordPress on windows, you can fix bugs before going to affect the site and viewers.

WAMP is also called as wampserver which is a combination of Apache web server, PHPMyAdmin and MySQL.There are alternatives like XAMPP. But I personally think WAMP is easier and of course free. So now let’s head towards installation.

How to install WAMP?

The first thing you’ve done is to head towards wampserver and download latest wampserver. Choose 32 or 64 bit depending on your windows. Once downloaded run the installation and go by the instructions. At one Point, it’ll ask you to choose your browser you may choose your browser. By default, it’ll consider internet explorer.

install wordpress on localhost


Once done installing, launch wampserver.

Next thing you need to do is creating a blank database for WordPress. As I told before, wampserver comes with PhpMyAdmin for managing MySQL databases so launch it by clicking the icon in the taskbar and by clicking on PhpMyAdmin.

install wordpress on localhost


phpmyadmin login will open up in a new tab. By default username will be root and password will be blank. You can leave that blank.

install wordpress on localhost


After login click on databases to create a new database for WordPress. Then you’ll be asked to insert a name for the database give any name. After that click on create.

Installing WordPress:

Head towards wordpress and download zip file. Do extract that zips and copies the WordPress folder. Now go to the folder where you installed wampserver. Inside WWW folder paste the WordPress folder you copied.

install wordpress on localhost


Now if you rename this folder then it’ll be URL of your localhost WordPress site. We’ll give it name as an example. Now open your web browser and go to http://localhost/example/

on the next screen provide your database information. Your default database username will be root and you can leave the password blank.

Next click on submit and WordPress will run configuration file.

After this, you’ll see on the screen that your WordPress is successfully connected to your database. Now do click on run the install.

install wordpress on localhost

Next, you’ll see information form. You need to provide a title for your site, admin username, password, and admin mail address. Now click on install WordPress. WordPress will be installed. Create databases and will show the login page. You can log in now.

Congrats! Now your installation is completed.

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