Why your first rank does not matter in real-world | An Engineer’s Experience

first rank

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If your academic excellence is the thing you are extremely proud of, think of it again! Well, you should be happy but don’t make your “first rank” as the only thing you have. I’m writing this because I know how people feel after getting particular marks in the exams.

So you got first rank huh?

I was always an average student. Well, I do have an aggregate above distinction in my engineering but now everyone does! What I’m telling you are the experiences I have had with the other students. I have spent most of my college time observing people. Apart from coding of course! What I learned about them is the thing to get started with.

You may get self-centered because of the first rank

This is NOT mandatory that everyone does become self-centered, but most of the times I’ve seen this. Academic success is nothing in real-world. Absolutely nothing. It just brings you to the door of JOB opportunities. And you don’t need too many marks for that. Experience 😛

If you think the world is all about yourself, you will stay alone.


What my point is that you may think of yourself as a different species than the other students. I am telling you this as most toppers never respected me. The thing is, you may make some agenda which is not good for you. Others, they won’t even think about what you think about them. But, this will clearly affect your personality in people’s eyes.

You also can be judging people based on their academic marks.

You may become an Alien

Alien…Whaaaaat? yes, an Alien. You will become an alien to the world. Still not getting? Well, the meaning is you will just be studying and you will not able to know what is going on in the world? World? rather your surroundings. You won’t make any friends. You will be able to explain Euler’s theorem, but won’t be able to bargain in the market.

first rank

Most of the other students in my class were friendly, but not those who were so-called “geniuses”. You can not become a genius just because you have scored a bucketful of marks and got the first rank. You need skills, so build some skills. Having great skills in your field will make you more successful than getting 90% with no skills.

This does not mean you should not score marks. You must. At least get respectable marks. Respectable means more than qualifying marks for your next thing. But building skills is the most important thing.

You may have information, but not Knowledge

What does this mean? information? knowledge? Well, information is just a refined data. It just gives an improved representation of the data. And knowledge shows your understanding. So, your first rank you may have achieved using the information from the books, notes.

You need knowledge to progress, information to stay where you are.


While getting good marks is an essential thing, but forgetting the world for it is not a good thing either. Go, get marks, but don’t waste your life getting them.

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