What to look for when buying a laptop? |All the things to consider before making a decision


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There are many choices of laptops in the market, So it would make you confused when you’re purchasing a one. Now we have come up with some tips to help you choose the right laptop that you won’t regret buying. So, let’s get started. As you are wondering what to look for when buying a laptop, here are the points.

What is must to know and what is not

Screen Size

While you’ll be pleased when you’ll be gaming on the large screen laptop, it would certainly not so good for the battery. The more positive things about the larger sized laptops are its support for better graphics. If you’re planning to buy a laptop for gaming, consider a larger size. Also, the main thing is you can not change it like RAM or HDD or even SSD.

what to look for when buying a laptop?

If you want to buy the laptop for the gaming, you will most likely be missing its slim form-factor. convertibles can be a good option if you are looking to use your laptop as a tablet at some time.


Laptop’s weight does also depend on its screen size. Larger the screen size, heavier your laptop will be. Personally, I would recommend you to get the laptop which is lightweight (weight under 2 KG).

Screen Resolution

Well, higher resolution isn’t always mandatory to have as it’ll eventually increase your budget. As laptops with higher resolution do require better processors and GPUs. Higher resolutions in lower screen mean CPU has to scale everything up.

RAM and Processor

Yes, you think right. Higher the amount of RAM, better the performance. Combined with the decent processor, of course. Nowadays 8 gigs of RAM is being standard and there are also some laptops available in the market containing more than 8 GB. If you’re are a home user, you should consider laptop having memory in between 4 to 8 GB. And for gamers, it’ll be beneficial to have a great amount of RAM.


Now, this is a big concern for you is you’re a gamer. Even if integrated graphics can play some games in low resolution, you’ll need a dedicated graphics card like Nvidia or AMD to play graphics intensive games.

Battery Life

If you’re a traveler, the battery should be your biggest priority. Better battery life is what everyone wants. Again, if you want to use your laptop unplugged for more time, you should consider a laptop having a better battery life. You can find many sources online to check the battery life of a laptop you are searching for. Usually, smaller sized laptops have better battery life.


Operating Systems

This is an easy choice to make. If you are really into gaming, you should consider a windows laptop as it supports major games. Also, if you are a programmer, Linux OS can be very helpful.

Other factors to be considered

Finally, there are those factors you have to consider. Connectivity (USB ports), Storage (SSD which is quite faster than HDD), if you want to use it as a tablet and so many.

Thus this is what to look for when buying a laptop. For more such, check our How to archive.