Are apps now starting the mind control?

mind control app

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Mind Control by App?

In the past few months, we have heard much news of banning some apps by a few governments over some controversial reasons and their humongous popularity in the youth. So, is the reason that any app tries to control the mind?

TIKTOK, the Chinese app of video making, formerly known as Musically has faced problems in united states and faced some brief ban in India and Indonesia.

United States fined the app ByteDance, the owner of TikTok for collecting information about underage children by violating the privacy protection act of the US. India and Indonesia banned TikTok under the reason that it encourages pornography. This ban was lifted after a few weeks by Supreme court of India.

The main question arises over such conditions happening all over the world that, “has technology taken over the human mind that their mind is getting poisonous by the excessive use of such modern world amenities?”.

What PUBG does?

Player Unknown Battle Ground known as ‘PUBG’, the online multi-player game of battle royal game has also faced ban in some countries over some serious issues. This fighting game has tremendous popularity among the children and even among the older grown-ups, which seems to be a big challenge.

Wasting Time

Wasting valuable time over some app online is getting serious. Spending so much time over these things has an affecting psychology of young innocent minds. Their excessively aggressive behavior is increasing, and it is affecting their mental growth.

The social media seem to be big playing a big part of our lives. If we have any problem, we quickly look for the solution online but the excessive use of these techniques has stopped the growth of the human mind to take efforts and do their own research.

many populations have remained connected to such apps and which are easily available nowadays. Privacy issues are getting high as we feed our personal information. While getting access to these apps we are putting our own privacy at risk.

How users are responsible for their own problems

It is not what the app does, but the users. What the users don’t understand that the apps for made for fun, not to make it their life. The problems are not only because of these two apps. Rather apps like Instagram are more addictive.

What users do and do not.


users spend too much time of the day surfing these apps. Not learning Anything users spend most of their time making useless videos, or playing games for a great amount of time.

If they learn some skills, they might land some jobs or the skills will help them build their own things. Depression users get depressed if they don’t get more views or they don’t win. The amount of youth getting depressed just because of this is dangerous.


Banning the apps is not an ideal solution to these problems as the government has to lift their ban over some clueless points or app has changed some features in their app which lead to back them into respective app stores.

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