What #MeToo has defined


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In some recent days headlines of news papers are flooding due to rape excuses that happened in women’s past life. These headlines are rooting deep into the throats of some famous personalities of variety of fields.

This campaign is named as me too using a trending hashtag on famous networking site twitter. This campaign has came into the light because some lime light personalities has used it to speak against the women harassment problem they faced in their past.

American social activists Tarana Burke used it first in 2007 for sexual abusement on her by film producer. Latter it popularized by american actress Alyssa Milano in 2017.

The hashtag named me too was used by Milano on noon of 15 October 2017 and it took the attention of people in the united state and spread into web jungles as the oil on the water. The hashtag #metoo was tweeted around 200,000 times at the end of that day.

Every 10 of thousands people of united nations used it. The Storms of me too spread internationally, these hash tags where used around 85 countries and created stumbled environment.

The way that hashtag spread on twitter, people came to know the seriousness of women harassment problem. But it was not a solution of the problem it just added the oil in fire.

The main objective of me too was to stretch the peoples mind towards the gravity of these problems. But me too allegations has some serious problems to face.

Women started accusing men randomly as it has no witness we cannot assume men guilty for these. But there is no solution coming out from this kind of act. If moto of #metoo was to focus on problem of women’s harassment, but currently I don’t think its going on the right path its suppose to go. Accusing men randomly doesn’t make any sense.

Why women didn’t start any campaign which will make women bold enough to speak against the problem on the time. Speaking against the problem in the past is just the form of revenge women are taking on men.

Accusing men randomly doesn’t make any sense.

Above writing doesn’t mean that I’m emotional less towards woman problem I deeply respect them but putting men’s life into big trumble has no point.