How is VPS hosting different from cloud hosting?

basic knowledge required to learn cloud computing

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Cloud hosting as well as VPS hosting both employ visualization. Where each server is a virtual one. The basic difference is that by using the VPS hosting, you don’t share your resources with the other users.

The VPS hosting is a combination of Shared and Dedicated hosting, that means one large server is divided into various virtual servers. And these virtual servers or boxes have their own resources.

In Cloud, many servers are connected through a network to form a single server. Contradictorily to the VPS hosting, this hosting divides the resources between the various servers.

Now coming to the advantages of each type:

Advantages of Cloud Hosting:

  • Easily Scalable as all the resources are shared
  • Reliable as uptime is failure rate is negligible
  • Server caching improves the performance (example Cloudflare)

Advantages of VPS Hosting:

  • Complete root access is available
  • You get features of a dedicated server for the less price

When to choose Cloud or VPS hosting:

  • For high traffic choose Cloud as even if your traffic suddenly increases, the cloud servers will take care of it.
  • If you have a small business, then VPS hosting will be good enough.
  • If you need more privacy, then VPS is better than Cloud Hosting.
  • If you need a dedicated server like features but less pricing then choose VPS.

The bottom line is that if you have a large business and in-depth knowledge, then the choice should be Cloud Hosting, otherwise VPS.

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