Why do people judge you? How to deal with it?

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I am sure you feel bad when people judge you, right? Yes. It’s a human tendency to judge others. Most of the times people who judge you think that they are correct, but it is not the case each time.

You may think that you are bad or there’s something wrong with you, that’s why people are saying something about you. But believe me, you’re wrong! People will always judge you no matter what. It’s you who is completely responsible for the impact of others’ judgment about you.

Why People Judge you?

As I said earlier, it is a human tendency to judge other people.

Another reason is that people relate their past with you.

If people have gone through some phase before, they may relate that with you.

People compare themselves with the others.

Suppose you are a bad player but is a senior to the better player, still, you may think he’s a bad one just because he is a junior to you.

People believe every other person.

If someone has a bad opinion about you, others might believe him/her with closed eyes.

Another reason is the people have some mindset fixed.

A very easy example can be given of the Indian Society. Your neighborhood uncle might judge you if you are found speaking with a girl :P. Your girlfriend may think you are cheating on her just because you’re speaking with other girls, lol.

How to Deal with it?

If someone is judging you, believe me, you are a special one. People don’t often judge other people or even think about them. You really are a special person if a lot many people judge you.

But there’s something that you should know. Just because I said you are a special one doesn’t mean you don’t need to do something about it. The judgment may affect you, badly!

Here’s how you can deal with the people’s judgment so that it will not affect you.

Don’t Think About It!!

Yes, you read that right. The best thing you can do is never think about it. Overthink will make you ill and may be bald too :P. Just Ignore and move on!

Don’t Take it Personally

This also helps as you just take it as an honest opinion of the person. You may even think about it as a lesson or feedback of your recent activities.

Think Positive

The better you think, the better you get, said nobody. Just take everything in your life positively and you’ll soon get positive results. Don’t think what people will think about you if you do a particular thing. Just do it, if you like to do it.

Don’t Judge people Yourself

Lastly, the most important thing. If you don’t judge people yourself, there are fewer chances of the people judging you.

And of course, if you do any of the above, you will be a more happy person than you are right now.