The life in an Indian Train

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Millions of people travel in Indian railways every day. The train has much more secrets than anyone can hold. It has many stories than in any book you will ever find. Not only the Indian Railway’s employees but many other families too rely on it.

Whether your journey is for short distance or for a long distance, you will find a lot of people selling vada pavs or something or asking for money by doing acts or singing a quartet or quintet.

Yesterday, while I was going home, one kid and his mother went by. The kid sang a song in a very beautiful voice. I asked him his name, ‘Raghu’ it was. So I asked him again about his school and all. Unsurprisingly, he never went to the school. Then I asked his mother and she told something that I don’t think I need to tell you. you may have understood it already!

There are literally, thousands of businesses running inside Indian Railways. Selling crafts, vada pavs, bhel, fake(?) jewelry and many other things is an everyday thing. Also, the people traveling from one place to another are doing so for finding jobs. This is also because of the financial difference between the growth of states.

So, the bottom line is that the Indian train gives a lot many people a life, a hope, and a way to enjoy the given life.