Pollution free Delhi???

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Where are we moving? Are we moving towards a great future? If you think that way then there is a predicament.

Delhi is heading towards becoming world’s most polluted city and the perilous content in air is rising day by day.

Who is responsible for this horrifying situation of Delhi? The government tried to implement odd-even rule but all that turned out to be worthless as Delhi tops the list of most polluted cities in the world.

According to a survey, 35% of people who are living in Delhi want to leave Delhi soon because of harmful air condition.

The situation in Delhi is too precarious for the old age people and for the patient of asthma and who are dealing with the lungs diseases.

The condition of Delhi is becoming worse day by day still people are not taking lessons from this scenes. People celebrated Diwali using crackers and they did this while wearing the masks. This is a height of hypocrisy!

The Indian government is now neglecting this big issue as they diverted their focus on the election process of 2019.

Modi government should focus on some points which need to be get solved first. Is Ayodhya mandir more important or the lives of Delhi.

Delhi is a major tourist attraction for foreign countries but looking condition of Delhi they will surely change their tourist destination. It will affect the tourism business of India.

Delhi voters’ votes will be in favor of the leader who will show them the dreams of pollution-free Delhi which is currently impossible to dream.