How your mindset impacts your growth


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When your mind will change, every single thing will change. At least for you. Well, I don’t know who said this, but yes, I do agree with it completely. here’s why and what do I think about the mindset which you should too.

“Some people have a fixed mindset, while successful people have a flexible one.”  Read that again! Yes, if you are having a fixed mindset, there are very few chances of being successful at everything every time. We generally heard the word mindset in sports. A positive mindset wins you matches. Similarly, it is also applicable in every field.

You see something, and you believe it for long. Very long. Actually, you fix your mind for particular output even before doing that thing. But as the day progresses, that thing may or may not have that impact again. Sometimes, the same thing may have a different effect.

The people who have a fixed mind does think that the qualities they possess, will help them achieve success, even if they don’t do any effort. But people who have a flexible mind do think that they can still improve their talent, by doing hard work. And this is the type of people who get successful.

So, it is your choice to be either successful by molding your mind as per the situation, or have a fixed one and keep trying.