How India has changed in the last decade, a view of a millennial

how india has changed

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Back in 2008, we still had not won our second cricket world-cup, our football ranking was above a hundred, petrol prices were just under ₹ 50. Even ₹ currency sign was not present. Now a lot has changed! Let us go back and see how India has changed over the past 10 Years.

How India Has Changed Really?


India now is one of the largest economies in the world. India now is the second-largest smartphones market in the world behind China and overtaking America. Most of the credit may go to Reliance Jio which made internet cheap.

Even before Jio, India was the third-largest market for the same. The current GDP rate of the country is 8.2% for the first quarter of 2018. Back in 2008, it was 3.9%. The success of Make in India may be a part of the debate.

Youth & Technology

India is one of the youngest countries in the world. But back in our childhood days, the people were not using smartphones, I mean, not like now. In 2018, if we see the figure of smartphone users in India, it will be touching 337 Million at the end of the year.

Let go the feature phone users. The point is, from 2008 up till now more of our generation has learned to use the technology.

Also, demonetization increased the use of online transactions, most of which are getting done by the youth.

Politics and External Affairs

The government is now stable both centrally and in most of the states. Thus it is affecting in a positive way for the relations with the countries around the globe.

India now has more importance in international politics than ever before. There might be some flaws in the internal affairs but this is arguably the first government to start the diplomatic relations with the other countries.

Some of the political decisions made by the government are very much on the radar of critics and they have both positive as well as negative sides. One example can be stated as Demonetization.

Health and  Poverty

Writing about these two topics together because treatment can be related in terms of financial condition. The mortality rate in India was 64.90 in 2008 and now it is approximately 40.

The majority of India is now out of extreme poverty. The income level of people has increased in a good manner.

Fighting Black Money 

Back in 2011, the well-known social activist Anna Hazare led a movement against corruption and black money. The nation was sickened by the scams by that time.

Eventually, Mr. Hazare returned to his town while the movement turned into the political party in Delhi. The party named “AAP” won the election later.

To fight the black money and corruption, the country’s current prime minister, Mr. Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of two high-value currency notes. And eventually replaced by the two notes.

The desired aim was the same mentioned. While this is also a point for the debate whether this decision succeeded or failed, it was a starting.

Security Challenges

On 26th November 2008, a terrorist organization based in Pakistan launched attacks in Mumbai, killing 164 people. This attack changed India’s complete approach of looking towards security.

Other security challenges include natural disasters like Kerala floods. Also, the pollution in Delhi also is a big challenge for businesses.

Also, In 2012, the cruelest thing happened to the country. One girl was raped brutally. The whole nation stood behind her but she couldn’t survive. Now the country has several laws supporting women.

A lot of women came out in the MeToo movement. But still, the work is not done.

Sachin Tendulkar Retirement and Post Sachin era

Yes, this has to be written. Sachin Tendulkar was, is, and will be the inspiration for many. He was a god to most of the cricket fans. In 2013, He retired and so did some fans(like me!).

Now our cricket team is much stronger compared to the other teams. Having won the cricket world-cup in 2011, the last decade was actually good for the Indian Cricket.

As he was the main reason to watch cricket, the impact on cricket viewership also describes how India has changed.

Indian Football and Other Sports

Indian football team now ranks below 100 which is a great achievement as the team has very less support. The football team’s captain Sunil Chhetri now has the second most number of goals jointly with the Argentinian Leonel Messi.

Considering other sports, India has achieved more in the last decade than in previous ones. The rise of P. V. Sindhu, Saina Nehwal, and Kidambi Srikanth happened in this era.

Bollywood and Web Series

Bollywood changed a lot in the past 10 years. More serious movies are coming out. Arguably the better actors are coming out. Now as Netflix and Amazon Prime have launched their products in the country, more talent is getting recognized.

Thus, in the last decade, India has progressed much more than ever. This is how India has changed in the last decade.

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