Great things never come from comfort zones

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I have read many articles about positive thinking and even listened to some talks about it but I never find some effect of that thinking in my life, after I feel it like thinking positive about every situation is like fooling yourself from the reality happening around you. But one-day I experienced the magic behind that words and it gives me some memorable moments of my life.

Well, This story is all about how we broke our comfort zone and how it rewards us by giving some pleasing moments of life. This story will tell you how you can manage things if you really want to move out of your regular routine and want to do something different.

This is a story of my journey where I feel that some incident which happens to me was like a miracle and was happening in a single day.

The story starts from here me and my friend wish to attend a Technical festival named Techfest which get organized at IIT Bombay which is Asia’s largest technical festival but the fun part is that we were in the third year of engineering and we wished the same from our first year. But this time it was different we desperately want to go there.

So as decided we made a plan to go there as it is a 6-day festival basically 3 days Mood Indigo which is the cultural type and next 3 days Techfest which is full of technical stuff but is superbly amazing. So Mood Indigo was on 24 to 26 December. We made a plan before a couple of weeks and waiting for that day to come.

But on 19th December I visited my aunt and I wasn’t expecting myself that I will stay there for a long time but it was going to happen. Due to some incident train scheduled was changed and I have no option left other than stay there.

26 December

Finally, that day came and I directly went to my hometown. As I started to think there is no hope now to attend that festival. But the next day my friend called me and asked if you are free we still can go there even if its last day of Mood Indigo as if we have a chance to attend a concert of one of the famous Indian music star. Without hesitating, I replied to him, Yes!!

Best part of this story is here when my friend meet me at my home when we were leaving our home for our journey, our attitude was same about the journey that rather than sitting at home and doing some stuff we can go there even if gatekeeper doesn’t give us entry we will think like we have achieved something rather than wasting time at home on some silly stuff.

Another part of the story is that we didn’t have any prior knowledge about reaching there as we need to change two trains and it was our first time to enter that city. Well, it is not an easy task for the first time with one who hasn’t different experience than us as Bombay is India’s one of the most crowded city

It was 9.30 am and it is 2.30 hours from my town but the train was still running late and we had to wait until 1 pm. But even after catching the train we reached there at 3.45pm. We took more time than usual.

Well, another part of the story starts here we found a man we started discussing on any normal topic to just waste our time. Bur between that talks we came to know that his our destination is same till our first checkpoint. So went with him and he even helped us to catch the next train till our second checkpoint without asking.

Now we riched at the gate of IIT Bombay but the scenario was different so many young students were waiting to get an entry there because gatekeeper was checking everyone’s pass and then we come to know that there is pass to get.

We called our one friend who had attended that festival before so he told us to try to get entry through another gate. It took us hardly 5 min to reach there. Only a few people were there but gatekeeper was arguing with someone we took that opportunity and take entry through that gate.

We were on the campus of the IIT Bombay but we don’t have any pass to attend that concert. We were happy but nervous that we will not get that chance to attend that concert as it will be our first time. After some time one guy came and put his hands on our shoulder and asked us “Do you want to attend the concert?”,
we said desperately “YES !!!, but we don’t have any passes”.
He said, “take these two passes”.
“why? don’t you want to attend the concert”? we asked him.
he said, “I have to go somewhere”?.

Then we took that passes and took the entry where the concert was going. We attended that concert and we were there till 10 pm. After we returned to our hometown.

What surprises me?

That man who met us in the train was no need to help us so much as he was in hurry.
The guy who gave us passes can also charge money for that but he doesn’t do that. Or what could we do if he only has one pass?

I always think it happened with so much perfection still we haven’t planned about it very well. It was the product of our thought process which was so desperate to be part of it. We did not think about any possible thing that would come between our journey.

Missing points
While taking the permission of parents we told that my friend knows how to reach there. This statement was the same in both the cases.

Try to break your comfort zone it may give you different kind of experience or moments for life. Life is kind of laboratory in which you have to experiment on yourself you will get various kind of products if it is not good, well it’s your lab you can try another one.

As a famous quote says “Great things never come from comfort zones”.