How the use of the Laptop has affected the student education

use of the laptop in education

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Back when I was in my junior college, I used the laptop first time. I bet now students have them in schools. Some studies prove that the use of laptop in education (not necessarily in classrooms) has been positive for both the students as well as the education system.

Contradict reports suggests the use of the laptop, however, has reduced the engagement of the students in the classroom. Most students have spent their time on other things rather than taking notes such as checking emails or using social media. Well, this is told by the students themselves.

The ban on the laptop made positive impact on the grades of the students. The use of laptop has both up and downs in the education. However, there are some reasons that may say otherwise.

How Laptop has affected positively:

Online collaboration with the other students is easier. Content related to syllabus and beyond it is easily accessible for the students. School can assess the assignments easily as well as help students any time. Making learning more interesting than the traditional way.

Along with these, the other reason is that students can now learn some more interesting things like AI, Cloud Computing and more online. As many universities now provide the courses online.

Finally, the point is that using laptop has given many new opportunities to the students to grow. But excessive use or not using it mostly for studying has made the negative impact.

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