What is Image Processing? explained everything!

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Definition: Image processing is the method to run some algorithms on the images to get some information from that image or enhance the image. Reduction of noise, detection of edges of image, improving the contrast level can be done using this process.

Beautification of your digital pictures is also an example of image processing. This term comes under Artificial Intelligence.

How this Process Works?

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Basically, there are these steps for the whole processing.

  • Acquisition of image
  • Pre-processing of image
  • Actual algorithm implementation
  • Post processing of image

These steps can be further classified as follows.

Pre-Processing -> Feature Extraction -> Image Enhancement

or after  Feature Extraction-> Training Data selection -> Decision of algorithm ( Whether Supervised or Unsupervised Classification) -> Output of Classification -> Post processing operations ->Accuracy->  Output in the format of image 


  • Medical Field: X-ray imaging, MRI
  • Image Sharpening: Detecting edges, Blurring images
  •  Remote Sensing: Satellite images are sent to earth station where techniques for interpretation of objects are used.
  • Robotics: Robot Vision, making robot understand the things they see
  • Video Processing
  • Pattern Recognization

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