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What are the qualifications required for a career in cloud computing?

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want to do Career in cloud computing? First of all, you will need to develop expertize in any of the cloud computing platforms. They are Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. Among these, if you select any one of these and concentrate on that it’ll be good as a fresher.

Also, Amazon AWS is what I would recommend as it is the most popular platform. But others are also good. OpenStack is also an open source platform which demands experts in it.

career in cloud computing
what to do and how

Training and Certifications:

The cloud companies have their own training and certifications. This does help themselves to recruit candidates which have to understand their platform. All the companies mentioned previously provide those courses. Also, there are various industry associations like Redhat, Dell, and some others which provide training for specific roles.

These certifications do help but if you have any hands-on experience then it is better. For the career in cloud computing, you must be ready to learn new things every time.

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