What are the advantages of a cloud-based EDI solution?

cloud-based edi solution

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Cloud-Based EDI

First of all to understand cloud-based EDI let us see what EDI is. Electronic information exchange (EDI) is the idea of organizations electronically conveying data to what was customarily imparted on paper.

Examples: Purchase Orders and their invoices.

Advantages of EDI:

  • Increases Revenue
  • More Productivity
  • Reduces manual data entry errors

Working of Cloud with EDI:

Most of the benefits overlap with each other. Scalability does improve.

Advantages of Cloud-Based:

  • Better Security (Encryption, User Authentication….)
  • EDI provider takes care of Hardware scaling
  • Negligible further investment
  • Usable on any device at any time (Anywhere, Anyhow, Anytime)
  • Pay per use
  • Simple to use

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