Interview with the Startup: How Clunite is Making Your Work Easier in Cloud Computing


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You have your product ready and you want to host it on cloud storage. But you are confused about what should be chosen. Besides that, it would take hours and hours comparing features provided by the CSPs along with the basic stuff you needed. A Canada based startup named Clunite is here to save your time.

Clunite does compare and give you ideal cloud provider in real time. The comparison factors such as Cloud server comparison, cloud provider comparison, and cloud storage comparison does make it even easier. The website is much easy for even the first time visitor. It certainly is unique and you’ll be satisfied at last.

We have taken interview of the founder Lovepreet Tiwana and here’s what he says.

1. How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

A: I work as a Systems Engineer, so I deal with technology every day. I saw the growing trend and
interest towards Public Cloud in enterprises.
The company that I worked for also grew interested in the cloud, so I started researching the different
cloud providers that were out there. I didn’t like the idea of restricting ourselves to just one cloud
provider, so I started comparing different platforms. The comparison was pretty time consuming,
and I felt the need of having a platform where all major cloud providers could be brought to one
place and compared as needed. There wasn’t anything like that in existence, so I decided to create

2. What was your mission at the outset?

A: I am an entrepreneur at heart, who loves to make tech easy for everyone. My ultimate life
mission or goal is to make my name known and leave a legacy behind, whether through Clunite,
mentoring, coaching, etc.
I know when I am on my death bed, I am not going to be proud of how much money I made but
rather what good I did – either by creating jobs, distributing my wealth to the needy, becoming a
a role model to my kids and others or what I did to make my family proud.
I am inspired by my role models and legends like Garry Vee, Dwayne Johnson, Elon Musk and Bill

3. What is the potential total market size for your product today? What is its growth rate?

A: Multi-Cloud Management Platform industry is very new and almost started around 2014. Current
market size is expected to grow from USD 1,169.5 million in 2017 to USD 4,492.7 million by 2022, at
a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 30.9% during the forecast period. Now is the perfect
time to get into this market as enterprises move their IT infrastructure to different public clouds
entirely or take a hybrid approach.

4. Why will people buy your product clunite (and not something else)?

A: I believe our Cloud Comparison Calculator is very unique. It’s straightforward to use – you give it
your requirements, and it spits out the cheapest cloud provider to run your workloads. There are
still many more features to come.
Also, as you can see from the market research, there is a demand for our platform (Clunite), and the
market is growing fast. If we grow well along with the market, then we will have a good chunk of it.
Clunite as a company wants to focus on Cloud Security and Cloud Cost optimization. Currently,
Cloud Security is a niche market in Multi-Cloud Management industry that gives us the competitive

But in the end, there is going to be enough fish for everyone when it comes to the cloud. AWS, Azure
and Google cloud are the prime examples of this statement as all three are doing well in the public
cloud market.

5. What’s your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?

A: The product we have created is unique – there is no such Cloud Cost Calculator in the market.
Also, what we have right now is not our final product. We will keep adding features as the need
arises, will continue researching the market, keep accepting feedback and our focus will always be
on what makes us stand out.
Despite this, we are well aware of the competition. We understand that anyone can copy any
business model today. I believe that competition is good for companies as it motivates them to
When I initially came up with this product idea, I knew I would not be the only one forever with this
product. There will always be competitors. Our goal is to focus on our strengths and keep innovating
while keeping our customers satisfied.

6. Why do you think your team is best placed to deliver your business plan?

A: It took me a while to find talented individuals who believed in my vision and have the same
interest. After extensive research and interviews, I finally found a good development team in
Ukraine. I am still working on building the rest of my team.
No team is perfect, but I am a hard believer of “you get what you give.” To make sure my team
understands my vision, I welcome their feedback. I ensure that I pay attention to their ideas and
that they know that their opinion matters. I congratulate and thank them for the role they are
playing in building Clunite so they can also be proud of what we have built together.

7. What risks are you facing?

A: Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. I know there is always a risk of failure if you don’t adapt
yourself to the changing times. Blockbuster is a typical example of what happens when you don’t
adapt to changing times. Netflix, on the other hand, is a perfect example of how to benefit from
continually innovating to match the market needs.
I believe there are few risks to Clunite as a company, such as a launch of the exact same product by
competitors, not being able to find investors or enough customers to support the company

To make sure Clunite stays ahead of competitors, we will ensure that Clunite stands out from its
competitors at all times by always offering something in addition to what’s out there. We will add
new features and update the product on time as per the product market demand.
We will price our product reasonably and will make sure the existing customer base is satisfied while
marketing the product to new, potential customers.

8. How do you get customers? How you promote your business?

A: I have been working in IT for 10 years, so I have made a fair amount of connections that I am
going to leverage. Currently, I have a few social channels that I am building specifically towards my
target market. When our product is ready, I will be personally reaching out to my connections.
As a Multi-Cloud Management Platform, I know our customers will be very interested in our unique
Cloud Comparison Calculator, so we have built that tool as a free value to attract traffic to our
website (
At last, we are also going to run social media and search engine AdWords, SEO and will work with
platforms like Spider Posts for exposure and establish trust.

9. Have you considered any alliance/partnership?

A: No, I have not, but that doesn’t mean I am not open to it. I want to make sure I find the right
partner who shares the same work ethics and adds value to the company. I have been in touch with
a few who are willing to work with me on mutual benefit terms. This is something that I need to
improve and work on more aggressively.

10. What are your cash flow projections? When will you break even? How much will you need in

A: Currently, I am bootstrapping and waiting for our next phase to be ready. With our next phase,
we will be reaching out to potential customers and get them signed up for trials. After we have
some revenue, by the end of 2018, I will start seeking out investors.
Although I don’t claim to have figured out everything, I am projecting to break even by the end of
2019 and raise 1-5 million in investments by the end of 2019.

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