How to: Install Fedora 27 and insert guest additions in virtual box.

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Want to install Linux in virtual box but don’t know how to do it?  Installed but it’s not full-screen? Let’s see how to install it and inserting guest additions to view it full-screen.
We’ll install Fedora 27.
Step 1: Download virtual box from Virtual box and ISO file of Fedora 27 from Fedora Project.
Now install virtual box and follow the next steps.
Step 2:
Open the virtual box and create new virtual hard disk by clicking New.
check this image for reference.
Step 3:Now right click on that virtual disk you created and go to storage. Then click on empty in controller IDE and click on disk icon at the right side of IDE secondary master written.
Select the ISO file you’ve downloaded. Click on OK and then start.
Step 4: Click on test this media and start Fedora-Workstation-Live 27. Now click on the live user and then install to hard drive.Select language, Keyboard language, click on installation destination and click done.Set root password and Create user.
Now Fedora will be installed in some time.It’ll show Fedora is now successfully installed and ready for you to use. Click on quit and power off the fedora. Again go to settings of that virtual disk you created and remove the installation ISO. Now start the Fedora. You’ll see it just like in this image.
now login to start the Fedora.

Fedora will still not be full-screen or can’t be scaled.  

Steps for inserting guest additions.
Step 1: After starting Fedora open up terminal.
Step 2:  Type following commands.
sudo bash
ping -c 3
dnf list open-vm-tools
dnf remove open-vm-tools
Then again
dnf install gcc make
dnf install kernel-devel-$(uname -r)
dnf install kernel-headers-$(uname -r)
Step 3: Now go to devices and click on insert guest additions cd image..
and run. Authenticate and it’ll insert guest additions.
Step 4: Reboot Fedora and it’ll be full-screen.
Now we’ve successfully installed Fedora 27 and inserted guest additions.
Still not cleared the steps? Here’s video you might want to watch. In the video, I have shown the installation of Fedora 26.
Hope this post helps you. Any suggestions and Questions are welcome.