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Almost everyone nowadays wants to start their own business, right? And being much famous among the young generation, this subject has more myths than in anything. You have always wanted to start your own company but couldn’t because you only thought of those things you have heard from the others or read over the internet. But, all these myths have been thrashed away by the Foodiesz, including the big one, the concern about the working area. We recently did the interview with Foodiesz. They have shared their experiences with us and we are sure these would be helpful for you.

About Foodiesz


Foodiesz is a food delivery system which is currently running in Jalgaon, a small city in India. This online food delivery system is founded in late 2017. They claim to have the finest delivery system which can deliver at any corner of the Jalgaon within 30 minutes. We have talked with their CEO, Mr. Gaurav Patil. Have a look at what he said.

Interview with the Foodiesz

Q1: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Gaurav: Actually this concept born from a problem and we thought that it is a good business platform to work, so we decided to find out what kind of service we can give to our customer. So actually this idea born of this incident, one day me and my friends and who are the co-founders of foodiesz and my best colleagues too, we are standing out of a saloon and we saw there is big queue standing out of the restaurant, from that moment we decided to adorn these people at their place and here’s the journey start of ‘foodiesz’. Actually the ‘The foodiesz Group’ because we have that kind of unique people to guide us and scrum type of working technique. which make us totally different from others.

Q2: What was your mission at the outset?

G: Our mission at the outset is to tie up all the restaurant of the Jalgaon and to sustain the startup. I think opening a business or startup is so easy as compared with running it and I personally think at that time there is the real exam of an entrepreneur to sustain the business in minimum liabilities. that’s why our mission at the outset is very simple that to sustain at all, at any condition and I think we did it up to a certain extent.

Q3: What is the potential total market size for your product today? What is its growth rate?

G: Actually the total market size of foodiesz is 40-60% in Jalgaon and our total turnover up to this day is 21,25600 INR. and I think it is very good, and we are up to our mark.

Q4: Why will people buy your product (and not something else)?

G: Actually we don’t need to tell the customer that what should they buy. customer


will come to us by choice. and on a serious note, we are working on how to decrease our delivery time, Due to less manpower we are facing lots of difficulties while operations. but still we have such great MDO and team of operations they do it at their best levels and We are trying to Minimize our delivery time and adorn ‘foodies’ in minimum time.

Q5: What is your competitive advantage and why can’t it be copied?

G: Competitive advantages are by means of it. actually, we don’t have any competitor in Jalgaon, means not as much as strong as we. And who did run this service at Jalgaon who are much older than us, they shut it down and now we are the one and only one who withstand in Jalgaon and serving food at the home.

Q6: Why do you think your team is best placed to deliver your business plan?

G: First of all let me introduce to our teams and what is their task or role while playing their duties.


From food to phones and finances – they’re the glue that holds the foodiesz office together.


The Billing Team provides the best and most convenient payment solutions for our customers.

Business Intelligence:

The Business Intelligence Team helps us understand and improve our user’s experience.

Community Operations:

The Community Operations Team provides customer support to our users and is the voice of the user within the company.


The Finance Team oversees the financial structure of the company.


The HR Team grows the foodiesz community by hiring new talent.


The Legal Team provides legal advice and covers any legal needs the company may have.


The Localisation Team adapts all our content to local markets.

Marketing & PR:

The Marketing and PR Team communicate all the things of foodiesz and help to grow even more love for the brand.


The Product Team is visionaries who take new ideas from concept to complete product implementation.

Quality Assurance:

Our QA Team communicates with product and engineers, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Designing & graphics:

our graphics and designing team sails foodiesz with aim of “creativity leads the imagination”.

These are the sectors by which “The foodiesz group” is actually run.

Q7: What risks are you facing?

G: Risk, Actually being an entrepreneur’s we don’t have to consider this word in our life,but of course we must have to calculate the risk factor while starting any kind of business,we are facing a lot of risk as lack of funding and we, the team at foodiesz now strongly focusing on how to raise funds for “foodiesz”, and from this medium I would like to appeal that if someone has keen interest to invest on us, then please get back us on [email protected]

Q8: How do you get customers? How you promote your business?

G: How to get customers? how to reach up to your audience? how to find that cream audience from the society? these are the perfect difficult tasks for any startup and our sector is food industry so we started from restaurant’s then we did paper marketing, means we did very simple kind of marketing.

I would like to tell the strategy that we used before launching of Foodiesz, for increase the craze of Foodiesz we circulated the pamphlets which have prompt on it as “आम्ही येत आहोत ” and after some day we circulated the pamphlet of continues code from 1st pamphlets, and we provided free delivery on 7 consecutive starting day’s. We do marketing on various platforms such as social media and offline marketing and digital posters and the whole marketing things by using google-adwords and LinkedIn-connect.

Q9: Have you considered any alliance/partnership?

G: Yes, we do have a partnership. at stake in percentage.

Q10: What are your cash flow projections? When will you break even? How much will you need in investments?

G: Our cash flow projections are, we invest our 70% of Profits in the share market, and another 30% we use for building resources and betterment of Foodiesz. As we have very great vision so we can’t spend our profits, but something great will be coming from FACT group to adorn people under the great vision of “step towards hunger-free world” I would like to conclude this interview with Few lines for all my entrepreneur friends is “जब तक है दम तब तक लढेंगे हम”.

After the success in Jalgaon, the Foodiesz group has the intent to grab the market share in the Nashik city.

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