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augmented reality history

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Augmented Reality History, Present, and Future

Imagine if you are going to build a bridge over a river and want a preview of the location. Or if you could see the sorted information of the things in the real world. Augmented Reality works just the same way. Augmented Reality(AR) is the technology which inserts the virtual and digital information in the real world.

By this, we can see the virtual things which don’t exist at all in the live pictures through the digital medium. Augmented Reality makes the information in the real world interactive and digitally manipulative. This modified view of the reality has the ‘augmented’ elements as input as Graphics, Video or Sound. It uses the hardware like Processors, Display, Sensors and Input Devices.

Augmented Reality in History

If we looking for its beginning, then it takes us to back in the 1960s, when Ivan Sutherland developed the first head-mounted display system. From its evolution with the newer technologies developing, Augmented Reality also has grown to be more attractive and impressive. In the later years, it was named as Artificial Reality. Until the Boeing researcher Tom Caudell named it as Augmented Reality.

Then in 1992, Louis Rosenberg developed the Virtual fixtures which were one of the earliest functioning AR systems. It was built for Air Force to control the virtually guided machinery to perform tasks from remote operating space. It was used in entertainment, which improved the experience of viewers greatly. AR helped the field of sports also with its amazing technology.
AR Today

Use Of AR

Augmented Reality is used in the Games, Sports, Entertainment, Engineering Projects, Archeology, Education, Architecture, Military, GPS, Music or Visual Arts and for many more things.

In the Hollywood Movie, Iron Man, they showed the use of AR.
Also, In the fighter jets, the AR is used with its heads-up display.
In GPS, the signs that we see on the road, in real-world uses AR.
Easier example for AR is the game that was very popular in 2015-16, Pokemon Go. In which we can see the Augmented Image of the character in the Real-world picture. Also in sports, the positions of the players, score, or the ball tracking uses the AR very effectively.


AR is growing up very fast in the present time. It does hold a firm place for itself in the top technologies for the upcoming decades. It doesn’t need very special devices for its use and can be used and experienced by anyone. When the world is more attracted towards the smaller things, this technology which adds bigger things virtually is definitely going to be popular.

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