Is coding required in Cloud Computing?

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Is Coding Required in Cloud Computing?

Coding is not prerequisite in Cloud Computing. But it will be beneficial for building applications and pushing them over the cloud (AWS, Azure).

Most parts of the cloud computing don’t require coding at all.

As I said coding is not a prerequisite, because most of the services like Amazon Web Services does have their own APIs which helps to automate the processes and arrange every one of the assets with the software.

You will need these prerequisites:

Knowledge of

  • Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • Private Cloud
    • This deployment model of cloud computing is generally used in single organizations. This can be managed by that organization itself or a third party. This type has more control of resources. The use of this Private Cloud can improve business, but has the possibility of raising issues. So security should not be tolerated.
  • Public Cloud
    • Public cloud is when the services are over the network which is open for public access. These services are mostly free. So, being in this model, users don’t need to purchase any hardware or software infrastructure. Also, These are all managed by cloud service provider. Furthermore, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure are the examples of the public cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    • Hybrid cloud can be a composition of two clouds mentioned above. Such that, the data can be shared between the public as well as private type both. Consider an example where the company does not need to have the private cloud to process the temporary data. So for that purpose, public cloud will be used. The private will also be used for more important data which not a temporary.

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