How to start working on WordPress installed on wampserver on windows (updated)

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Hey, Now you’ve successfully installed  WordPress on your localhost. It’s time to start working on WordPress. This post will help you climb the next stage to start building your own site.
Firstly, You’ll have to open the wamp server’s icon on the desktop, then proceed to click the icon in the taskbar to start. Then click on phpMyAdmin which will lead you to the browser you choose earlier and open the localhost login page.
Then you may proceed by clicking go. And now you can change or add the users which will access this work by going to user accounts. Then log out and login with credentials of the user you’ve created now. Then create on the new on the left side to create a new database for your site and create new database let’s say tech things.
After successfully creating the database, rename the WordPress folder as tech things which will be your site title. Now go to the new tab in your browser and enter localhost/the name you have given to WordPress folder/wp-admin and continue.
Now give your site name, username and password, and email address. Then click on install WordPress. Now login using same username and password you created.Now you’ll see a window like this.
This is where you can create pages, write posts, change themes and more settings of your localhost site. Now whatever changes you make will reflect in your localhost site immediately. You are now ready to start your work.

Here’s the link to YouTube video for the same.

 Hope this post will help you. Any questions and suggestions are welcomed.

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