Which tool is better for the measurement of performance in cloud computing?

cloud computing performance

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Before going to understand what the tools for measurement of performance in cloud computing are, let us first know what tests are performed.

In cloud computing, we can perform several tests as listed below.

  • Stress test over Cloud
  • Load and execution test over Cloud
  • Program Performance testing over Cloud
  • Idleness testing on Cloud
  • Focusing on foundation test on Cloud
  • Failover test on Cloud
  • Limit test on Cloud
  • Drench test on Cloud

Now if you are looking for open-source tools, here they are.

Cloud Computing Performance testing tools

  • CloudSleuth
  • CloudHarmony
  • Cloudstone
  • Cloud CMP


Created by Compuware Gomez, CloudSleuth is a cloud execution perception instrument at first made as an inside asset to enable us to measure the unwavering quality and consistency of the most famous open IaaS and PaaS suppliers. CloudSleuth utilizes the Gomex Performance Network to quantify the execution of an indistinguishable example application running on prominent cloud specialist organizations, evaluating two essential client encounter measurements – reaction time and accessibility.


You can utilize its Cloud SpeedTest to test transfer and download speeds, page burdens and inertness on a few noteworthy administrations. The CloudHarmony blog additionally contains various investigations of different administrations, including encoding, CPU execution, and memory I/O.


Cloudstone is a multi-stage, multi-dialect execution estimation apparatus for Web 2.0 and Cloud Computing. This UC Berkeley venture is depicted as “a toolbox comprising of an open-source Web 2.0 social application (Olio), an arrangement of mechanization devices for producing burden and estimating its performance in various organization situations, and a recommended set of requirements for figuring a metric we trust bodes well, dollars per client every month.”

cloud CMP

Created by Duke University and Microsoft Research, Cloud CMP “pits cloud against the cloud,” surveying calculation, stockpiling, and system administrations offered by various cloud suppliers, at that point appraise execution and cost of an application if it’s sent on a specific cloud supplier.

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